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Memory and Phobias and Bipolar

does anyone out there suffer from memory problems with their bipolar?   I seem to be so self-absorbed coping with everything around me that I often forget things others do not about events and dates?
i have also suffered from crippling phobias all my life and wonder now if they are also part of paranoia?  does anyone else have anxiety brought on by fear of irrational things?
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yes i have real bad memory problem espesh my short term memory, but my long term is not so good either, i also have paranoia on off and i have SAD, GAD AND PTSD ASWELL AS BP i think they all come as a package but yh ur not alone hun
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thank you 25andhurt it helps to be able to ask about these things....It makes life very difficult when I am trying to have a sense of self-worth to find I cannot remember dates and times!   It makes me very vulnerable to being taken advantage of.
you seem to have a lot on your plate as well as the BP which is really tough on you - sending you best wishes and hugs.   i think i am also suffering from a number of things at the same time and its so confusing to know what is ok and what is a sign of which condition!!!!
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thanxs hun i think it could b the GAD side of bp that u r experiensing do u get angry easily n snap and feel constantly anxious like sumthings missing?
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omg yes I do - i rarely feel satisfied and my husband is very critical and judgemental which fuels my anger no end.  
i should be happy but i am so often fighting my own mind - exhausting!
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I have HORRIBLE memory. I forget where I'm going what I'm doing, everything. I even forget which pill I've taken already while taking my medication, I'm sure I've taken one of thegn twice and none of the other one a few times.
I forget whole conversations and whole days! My memory used to be so good too. Oh well.
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My short term memory is bad. People can ask me to do something and I forget it almost instantly. I don't think it is that my memory is actually the problem. The problem is that I have so much going on in my head that things get drowned out. I forget where I put things, I forget what I'm doing, I forget what I'm talking about and thinking about. It's like a tornado in my head and unless something can really grab my attention, I forget it.
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its so good to know other people have the same problems as i do with short term memory.....i have been struggling to understand why i forget things and why i cannot take in as many facts as i want to as they happen.  I think its because of that internal battle that i have with my fears and anxieties which runs all the time i am trying to learn.......
i've done a great deal of studying and taking of courses over the years and i can retain just about what i need to get through the exams but then the knowledge seems to disappear as if it was never there!   i am qualified to do many things but i cannot remember enough of the info to use it....its as if i never took the course in the first place!  
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My memory is also really really bad. I have taken a two prong approach. As soon as I make a commitment I plug it into my iphone on the calendar and set 2 alerts: 1 day before and 1 hour before (just remember to keep your phone on ring and not silent) next I take that calendar and write in in a day planner. My day planner has become my bible and I keep in on my desk in front of my computer at all times so I don't lose it. It also has a to do list on each week so I can write stuff down and then check it off..it feels good to check stuff off.

As far as the studying all I can suggest is notes that are in bullet form so you can remember the key points. Not sure what youre studying. I had to go on leave from work because I was having so much trouble remembering things which was stressing me out.

So you are not alone...it is a terrible side effect of being bipolar. My husband was frustrated at first until I told him how bad he made me feel and how stupid. Now he puts thinks on my calendar or will call me wiht a "gentle" reminder. He gets it and is understanding for the most part. He has taken over a lot for me.

Best wishes
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My memory is much more unreliable than I remember it being in, say, college. I can't decide how much of it is the disorder and how much of it is being used to relying on computers and portable devices to hold so much of my information. I definitely do have a hard time remembering something someone said to me a moment before, or something I even thought just seconds before, especially if I am distracted, which happens easily when I am symptomatic.
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