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Mixed Mood killing me

Ok on limitcal (sp) 300mcg and dr wants to put me on litium 450 but i have yet to get it - i have posted a couple of other times - sorry about the mis-spellings of the meds.  some of you said the litium is bad - so i am unsure as to take it or not.  I am so upse in the morning can't sit still and having such a hard time a work - i just don't know what to do with myself - what should i do get the med - i already have hypothyorid and taking med for it will the med mess it up more?
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Hey Kris, sorry you are having such a difficult time.  I am mixed state too and I think I told you that in another post?  Anyhow, I love my Lithium and Wellbutrin combo, it is doing wonders for me!  I now use Melatonin dissolve tabs 5mg for sleep. These three meds are helping me to feel stable for once!  Just remember on Lithium to drink alot of water for your kidney's.  I hope you get it figured out, I know it is frustrating!  best wishes!
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Get your thyroid levels checked out first and make sure they are in normal range.  Normal TSH should be around 1.0 to feel good and not have symptoms.

The lithium will continue to damage your thyroid from what I know about it.  There are lots of other meds out there to choose from.  My friend on here who had thyroid cancer take Zyprexa and Celaxa combo.  Not a recommendation, only an insight.
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Everybody has a different med/drug mix that helps them the best...or not.  You'll never learn what drugs work or don't work for you until you try them, under your doc's care.  Don't let anyone tell you to not take an important drug, such as lithium, when your doc feels it will work for you.  Listen to yourself, and listen to what your doc says because he has the best advice of all.  ahem -- If you don't care for your doc, it's time to find a new one.
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My dr is great and he is the only one i have found that hasn't put me on three or four drugs and i had a good mix but had to go off one because i couldn't get up with the baby.  I just need something because i am to the point of being out of control i am aware of what i going on but if i get to manic i will do things and not think about what i am doing - the urge to do durgs is very high but i have stayed away - this really sucks
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I think that's GREAT you've stayed away.  Good about your good doc, too.  Has he recommended a replacement drug?  Perhaps you could see a therapist to help you through the nasty urges, maybe a couple times a week?
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Is Melatonin dissolve tabs 5mg a precription.
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If Lithium is what you need, you will know it within 2 weeks of starting it. If it does nothing to help you feel better thatn I wouldn't bother with it. But most people with bipolar, especially rapid cycling bipolar are on Lithium and it's changed their lives ( from what I've been told by people). Others , lithium does nothing. I would try the Lithium for 2 weeks and see if you notice any difference. It may be the drug that helps you get back to feeling normal. There is a lot of bad info out there about lithium but the truth is that it's been around since the 1940's and is one of the most researched drugs on the market. Some people do have bad reactions to it but the numbers aren't high. It's benefits outweigh the risks 100 fold. I would try it unless you can see if your doctor can try another medication. What's a couple weeks out of you life?? It can't hurt for a couple weeks, that's always been my philosophy.
Good luck, hope you're feeling better soon!!
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No Melatonin is no a presciption, it is a supplement and can be bought in any vitamin store. I find the biggest selection and best prices of vitamins on Iherb.com (capital i then the word herb). It also comes in liqiud drops, capsules, tablets, teas, you name it Melatonin can be found anyplace. I like the subligual ones that melt under your tounge and the drops because you can control how much you want to take. It works wonders for sleep!!
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