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Mixed Phase Rapid Cycling Manic-Depression.

Question: Being identified by mixed phase rapid cycling manic-depression in March, 1993. During the time frame starting in 1993 to present, No combination of medication has  been found to control the illness. Typically the mixed stage of the illness -  causes almost impossible situation to bring the illness under control. A major part of the illness effects my sleep patteren. A true Insomanic...coupled with racing thoughts is a major component of the illness. Can a suggested course of action and meddication be suggested to treat the illness. Seroquel does not function with out major side effects and was tried but withdrew.
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unfortunately i was going to suggest seroquel for you. but since you said it caused you side effects, but remember all of the drugs will cause you side effects without exception.

only pdocs are eligible to tell you not us. however you might have been rapid cycling and mixed state phase due to antidepressants. But you didn't say what other meds you took before or after the seroquel. This may shed a light. the classical med is lithium .

your question is difficult to answer because you said no meds help. i only suggest you change pdoc instead of med at first

God with you
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Hi like adel_ezz my first thought was Seroquel, I have had many mixed episodes in the last 2 years and I have found Seroquel has really helped me, for me the rage is the worst part of a mixed episode and the irritability, can I ask what kind of Seroquel you were on?
I am from the UK and my pdoc only prescribes Seroquel XR as the side effects are better than the instant release one, I haven't gained as much weight and I don't feel too drowsy but it guarantees sleep every night which I believe keeps me well.
I am taking 400mg at night, I stabilised at 300mg but after being on it for 9 months and due to a lot of stress I needed it increasing.. when I take the prescription to the pharmacy they have to order my seroquel in as apparently it is more expensive than the instant release and that is why some doctors won't prescribe it..obviously I understand that if you pay for prescriptions this could be a problem but the XR tablets are great, they keep symptoms away all day without the heaviness, maybe you could discuss this with a doctor?
Another thing I am thinking is Zyprexa, a very calming medication, excellent for me during an episode but I find it too heavy day to day, as meds are different person to person this could be another for you to try if you haven't already. I gained quite a lot of weight and felt very foggy.
Mixed states are terrible, I agree with adel_ezz maybe the answer lies with a new pdoc.. there should be the right combination out there for you, I take depakote aswell as the seroquel.

Good Luck
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When I am in episdoe I have Ultra Rapid Cyling and probably some mixed in there as well. Getting meds that worked was a horrible experience. The med that worked the best for me mind wise was Ziprexa however it caused a dangerous spike in my cholesterol. Second was Risperadol (which caused lactation) What is working for me is Zeldox (Geodone in the US), Lamotrigine, and Melatonin (suppliment not med) at night. I have to watch my stress levels. I am only working part time because of fatigue which is in part the sedation for the Zeldox but other health conditions as well. The Zeldox also causes me some agitation.

Wellbutrin royally screwed me up and I think made the rapid cycling much worse. Any antidepressant with a rapid cycler is a bad idea. There is research that shows this but some pdocs do it anyway. Getting off the antidepressants helped a great deal.

And don't let the pdoc give up on you until you've tried everything. I was told by one pdoc that there was no more they could do, that I had to just learn to live with it. We moved cities and thankfully in this new city the pdoc there did not give up on me and we found something that worked.
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I am a Bipolar Type 1, Mixed, rapid cycler also and had chronic insonia also.

zyprexa [anti-pshychotic] helps me fall to sleep at night. recently i have had depression so am on anti-depressents also

Zyprexa did cause me to put on weight and my cholesterol went high

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I've got insomnia from taking Zeldox and have been seriously considering L-Tryptophan which has some mood enhancing/stabilizing effects and stimulates meletonin and seritonin production in the pineal gland in the brain necessary for sleep, it also comes in 5-DHT form which is the step after tryptophan converts to other things like niacin which is important for pallegra and potentially other mental illness's..

I've heard it's a good adjunct to lithium, meaning you need less lithium.. Not sure if Psychiatrists prescribe it, although some research suggests its good for schizoaffectives (less aggression, better moods less irritability, they reckon I'm schizoaffective because psychiatrists get on my nerves with deception, carelessness and they don't get to the heart of the problem, ignore causing effects like stress and PTSD, operate with marketing myth from the drug companies, totally atheist in general and ignorant  spiritual problems, that sleep deprivation will make anyone go to a bad place, had panic attacks is why I called the ambulence, [pretty dumb, I could've found a better way to get a social interaction with a hot police woman:) was already on my way back to Chi-Gong to calm the disrupted energy feeling like I was going to die, and given up on talking to asking questions of invisible entities that were no angels like I would prefer, since the sleep deprivation opened me up to dark forces and consequential delusions.... oh well I'm still alive until these drugs kill me)

The doctors are totally ignorant to my insight to my condition, they rather see me as lacking insight like the first guy, that I couldnt make informed consent because I was resisting the idea of drugging the superficial layers of consciousness and damaging the spirit.......

I'm yet to talk to my psychiatrist about my insomnia last time she assumed was from thinking too much and prescribed a higher dose that gave me heart palpitations, increased anxiety irritability and didn't help my body clock go back to normal,  and the drugs make me restless and irritable with a clenched jaw (otherwise I'm happy with Zeldox, clearer thinking more creative inspired, better coordination that rispiridone made me a zombie blunted emotions and everything including being one of the 90% that gets sterile from prolactin)....

still have trouble with sleep,(after doc increased my dose based on the assumption it was my thinking keeping me awake, actually since taking magnesium my thinking is in more control and less agitating:) it sux, sleeploss getting to sleep when the sun is rising, bad dreams also.

really keen on trying Tryptophan, maybe I'll let you know if they decide to try it out, but I doubt it, will have to do it on my own in between whatever else they prescribe for insomnia. and hard to find a doctor who knows what it is!.Personally I think it will prevent my episodes of depression from intrusive memory I sometimes have to work my way through with panic attacks, mania, intrusive memories of the obscured parts of my childhood, through to being destroyed by psychiatry...sleep deprivation which leads to psychosis like symptoms, they're ignoring me... Most psychiatrists I've ever encountered don't know what they're doing and labeling normal symptoms of spiritual people as schizophrenic, I think I'm more bipolar as the mood changes first and I lose sleep then I get schizophrenia, or its from the weed making me manic, elevated moods and less sleep... big mixture....sleep is really important! I think psychiatry underestimates sleep disorders that cause symptoms of other illness
..I'd like to think i still have a future, and will recover, psychiatrists don't really help anyone recover from the illness,{plus feeling like one has a purpose in the grand scheme of the universe and sense of unity with got to take on a meaningful spiritually fulfilling life which a psychiatrist will record often as is either a symptom of mania or schizophrenia(like hearing the voice of your own mind!, angels spirit guides or unfortunate diabolical spirits demons [if one is intune to experience them, yeah a real problem but they can be fought off by surrounding yourself with white light or purple in a bubble, and then can't have negative effect on emotions] who are more intrusive dark and cause illusion and delusion).  It's all they're interested in is diagnosing from subjective observations they interpret to mean something according to the DSM , not addressing the mechanisms or archetypal experience of finding identity, just drugs - its all they do, no help with them, as far as I've experienced , just stigma and a sense of needing drugs forever and never able to get the independence and faith in recovering, simply  to satisfy the drug company market and the drugs can actually abort the healing process, on a deeper level, from my understanding of dealing with elements of my past, like a karmic awakening, it can be traumatic and experience moods and feelings from the past that isn't always clear.. something like realigning the personality (look into Soteria House, Loren Mosher- he sort of proved that psychosis is largely recoverable when treated with respect and dignit as apposed to torture of common medical model, his results were superior to drug treatments especially in long term, people fully recovered and integrated their personality, to have better self-respect and understanding)

BTW its just an amino acid, found naturally in things like Turkey meat.. was a bad batch late 80's that it was pulled off the market, they still haven't recovered from it even though they've made sure correct manufacturing process for purity ..... might need a prescription or if confident like I am can order it on the internet, or you can wait for me to be a GuineaPig

la de daa....  and maybe talk to a naturalpath, I did and she gave me magnesium for the irritability and it helped relax me for sleep, mag deficiency can cause insomnia, but I'm not sure about using without knowing you're deficient.. doesn't help that blood tests aren't any good at finding deficiency as blood only has I think less then 1percent of the total magnesium in the body... but it is common for people to lack it in their diets..
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I was just wondering what medication you said gave you a clenched jaw, increased anxiety, and heart palpultations? I once tried to take St. John's Wort for my depression and it seemed to do nothing for me.
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That was Zeldox-- It's ok otherwise..compared to respiridon I didn;t like at all, kind of like I had all these thoughts in the background that were barely noticeable, and my thinking would get disrupted, couldn't think or communicate...
I did try St Johns Wart when I was medication free, I guess it worked for me but I i didn't stick with it, generally herbal medicines need about a month to see benefits

I'm not on anything else at the moment but lithium, Spirulina,.. then I got Magnesium for the anxiety and Maca to see if it would bring back some libido I lost while on Respiridone, from hormones and elevated Prolactin has carried over to Zeldox, or might cause it too... Have ordered Tryptophan to try, it can help depression and insomnia and probably anxiety but the drug companies I guess, have made it really hard to get in Australia
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I am on risperdal. It works good for me. I have never heard of the other meds you are taking only lithium...I have heard of that one. I tried serequel and I had alot of bad side effects so I couldn't take it. I have been through so many medications. I think it takes a while to find the right ones and each one works a little different for each person.
To leewilburn 91109, I really have no idea. I think this would be a question that could be better answered by a doctor. Good luck to you though. I hope you get it worked out.
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