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Mood Swings - Ladies

Is anyone here in perimenopause or have you been and had severe rapid mood swings?...Like 3 -4 times in a day?
I am having this happen and don't know if that is what is causing it or if my meds aren't working right.?...
I haven't felt like this since before I had children during my monthly cycle which was 14 yrs ago.  I'm just wondering if it is hard having bipolar disorder and going thru menopause?
Any advise or suggestions to help calm the moods down would be much appreciated.
I'm going to my mental health care provider on Wed this week and will discuss it with her as well.
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how old are you? are you still cycling regularly?

i do have extreme and frequent mood swings-- rapid cycling BP II ...........

does seem to be worse around my cycle.... been wondering myself-- how much impact do fluctuating monthly hormone levels have on my moods ? ? ? ? ?

I am 39 ( 40 in 2 weeks) .... still regularly cycling....

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I  just turned 49 on the 17th.  I haven't had a regular cycle for about 2-3 years now.  It comes whenever it feels like it....sometimes 3 months apart sometimes 20 days apart and it may be quite heavy or just a small amt of spotting.
So I know I am in perimenopause.
Just was not ready for the mood swings that came with it this time.
Haven't been that bad since before I had children 14 yrs ago.
I hope it isnt gonna be a rough time for me

Happy Birthday a little bit early.

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I'm 48, been in perimenopause for a while, kind of showed up about the same time the bp symptoms showed up in full force. My first mania in about 25 yrs. It seems to be hard to figure out which is the hormones and which is the bp. I know what you mean about the cycles too, I call it a crapshoot, it might come, it might not. I never know when it will show up. I just keep up with the pdoc and ther. and meds. I have had them recently changed cause manic symptoms were showing up and they weren't the happy go lucky ones. Just gotta keep an eye out and keep working with the pdoc on the meds.

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Hi Ladies, I'm 31 and have been banging on about my hormones now for over 2 years, I live in the UK and nobody appears to be interested. It started with night sweats, breast pain (constantly not just around period) periods becoming heavier, late or early, light or extremely painful. I went to my gp who said it was Bipolar symptoms! Yes the mood symptoms were, but only because my hormones dipped so low that I was thrown into severe rages and then a depressive episode! My partner made me go again and the doc this time said it was the medication ( zyprexa) I accepted this for a short time until my partner and I were quite sure this was hormonal, we went to the Pdoc who said oh dear and bless you a few times but didn't suggest anything and upped my meds.. then went to see a really nice Gp who instantly checked my bloods, prolactin, cortisol and female sex hormones, I was so happy! Then I went back to get the results and he said nothing was wrong, it was all in my mind and probably PMS. He gave me high dose B6 and sent me on my way! i tried this for 3 months and found no benefit. I got a new Pdoc and he changed my meds which helped the rages and the rapid cycling. I understand totally how you feel, it is the difference between coping and inducing an episode! Out of the blue my partner had some problems with his water works so we had to be both checked out, they were concerned that I had mid cycle pelvic pain as well as at period time. I had an ultrasound and there was 4cm cyst on my ovary, they told me if it was still there in 6 weeks they would remove it, at the next scan it had disappeared but a new one was on the other ovary! They said this was all normal.. I have read that cysts can cause the problems I am having and can be treated with t
he pill.. I was then told I couldnt have the pill as i had CIN3 at 26 and it could make it come back! I question that when checking female sex hormones they should be done a few times a month to see the rise and falls of h
ormones, so definitely push for that to be done or its pointless!! The next part to my story is that i found a lump in my breast, it was scanned and turned out to be a gland, they said I shouldnt be feeling this at my age as I have not had a baby for 9 yrs, they said it is common in perimenopausal women! A woman knows her own body, and we know our hormones! I know for absolute fact that this issue is making me have more episodes than I should, its been about 7 depressives and 2 manic in 2 years, with a few short term dips aswell, my mood can change a few times a day aswell! The anxiety at the time of the month is unbearable aswell. If you are  lucky enough to have a good proactive doctor go and talk about this, it is ruining your quality of life! I will not give up, this is not fair on me or my family, I wish you all the best of luck, please keep us posted!
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