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Moon cycles & Mood

I'm thinking about starting a mood/ moon Diary. Anyone know about the correlation ?
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I have watched the moon and seasons for most my life. Growing up a hunter, working as a farmer, and living pretty close to nature most my life, I am very aware of the influences of the heavens on earth. My wife has a journal of my moods, over the last 15 years. I tend to do fairly well on solstices, while equinox tends to have a stronger affect. Full moon is more likely to have a bout of mania than a new moon. I believe we are all affected by the moon, meaning all living creatures, not just humans. I saw the farm animals and hippies alike act crazy on a full moon and then the animals are calmer and the people more introspective and spiritual on the new moon.

I was the fire keeper of a native american sweat lodge, in the Sierras. Over the months and as the seasons changed, the experience we had every Sunday afternoon changed dramatically. We were nudists, so clothing was always optional. I noticed that women would rub my thigh or put some kind of moves on me, on the full moons. It took awhile to see the patterns, but every month it emerged. People are more in their bodies on full moons, spring equinox to summer solstice. In the Native tradition I was a part of, each season represented different things. Spring was new Eagle/beginnings/birth, Summer was coyote/playing/work, Fall was bear/introspection/maturity, and Winter was White Buffalo/wisdom/death. I noticed these patterns to be true. WE live a whole life, every year.

In spring full moon, I am very creative and expressive. In summer full moon, I am focused in my body and working. In Fall, I am preparing for the future and beginning to reflect on things. In winter, I stop and take my life's work and experience into account and develop new ideas. Maybe this is due to me watching and manifesting these patterns, but I have watch other people too. When we have a full moon drum jam, it can get crazy, especially in spring and summer, accompanied by sex, playfulness, lightheartedness. Then, the new moon drum jams in winter and fall are often accompanied by philosophy, idealism, recollection.

I think writing a journal of moods and moods is a good practice for anyone. When I feel dead and can't stop pondering the wisdom of the Universe in the middle of winter, I just chuckle and think, "It is the season of death and wisdom, it is only natural I should want to hibernate, like the bear. But yes, I do believe there is a correlation with the moon cycles and moods. I think that may be even more true for women, as they have a mood cycle that goes with the moon, physically. Women seem to be more in touch with their feelings and mood as well, I have seen that world wide, not just in Western Civilizations. Let us know how it goes, we can compare notes.
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I have read a while back with regard to the full moon and its influences of some people.

I always thought that the word "lunatic" had some connection to the moon.
The term lunatic derives from the Latin lunaticus which originally referred mainly to epilepsy and "madness" as diseases caused by the Moon.  By the fourth and fifth centuries astrologers began to commonly use the term to refer to neurological and psychiatric diseases. Philosophers such as Aristotle and Pliny the Elder argued that the full Moon induced insane individuals with bipolar disorder by providing light during nights which would otherwise have been dark, and affecting susceptible individuals through the well-known route of sleep deprivation. Through at least 1700 it was also a common belief that the Moon influenced fevers, rheumatism, episodes of epilepsy and other diseases.

“It is the very error of the moon.
She comes more near the earth
than she was wont. And makes
men mad.”
—William Shakespeare, Othello

has an article called Lunacy and the Full Moon - Does a full moon really trigger strange behavior?
Jan 27, 2009 |By Hal Arkowitz and Scott O. Lilienfeld

Unfortunately women also go through monthly hormonal problems (menstrual cycle) that can affect their moods because of hormonal changes.

People's moods can also be affected by the weather - dark dingy days due to lack of sunshine, especially in the autumn and winter months causes lots of people to feel down and depressed (SAD).  I also heard that high winds causing too much air pressure can cause mood problems - may be bad tempers and headaches in some people.
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Thanks girlfriend.
  I slept downstairs in the same room where I had the psychosis last year.
I usually sleep up in the new unfinished art studio.
  Part of  the down feeling is also the mania of Christmas, New Years & my birthday.
   Now I'm feeling flat. I still have tons of work that I enjoy. My workers are here 3 days pr week.
    Interesting info in your post!  I was reading that  the moon is always up there, it's just the sun illuminating the moon. But the tides follow the moon.
    I watch my moon based on the tides too,as I can see the beach from the bed. My pain is somehow influenced too.
   Thank you for your informative post. Maxy
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I spent some time in a natural hot spring w sweat lodge. I was with friends who smoke a lot of dope. I don't usually smoke, but on this occasion I did participate w the smokers. It's unusual but those experiences aren't clearly remembered. The dope did something to my power of recollection.
  We were nude as well, & I find nudity a good experience. As I'm alone most of the time & it's hot here, I rarely wear clothes. When I do it's out of consideration for those around me.
  I have taken to wearing an apron for cooking. Several years ago, I was badly burned on my upper thigh while making syrup for whiskey bananas.
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I know it's off subject,,but I wonder how many bipolars are nudists or have been.  When I was a kid,,I mean from like toddler age on up, I would take my clothes off a lot,,, and get punished for it.  My wife jokes about how I would be a nudist if I could,,,anyway,,,just thought it was interesting.
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Yes. I get it. I was always taking off my clothes as a child too.
  When my stepdad was traveling for work my mom & I rarely wore many clothes. She just a bra.
  It probably has a correlation. How are you feeling med free? I was great till the 3 rd month. So pay close attention.
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" I have taken to wearing an apron for cooking. Several years ago, I was badly burned on my upper thigh while making syrup for whiskey bananas. "


Even with frying bacon it can spit into your eye or into your face.
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Lucky me. I'm a vegetarian !! Ha ha lol
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I think that many bipolar do not have the limitations of feelings, thoughts, perceptions, we just don't have the same limitations in general as the non-Mentally Interesting. MI is mostly defined by doing and feeling things that are not customary, like wear clothes, sex taboos, idealism, law, etc... Our extremes scare people. We have other limitations, but many of us have free and creative expression, are fascinated by the depths of reality, and push the boundaries, and often change what the world believed. History has shown it. People like Epicure, Leonardo De Vinci, Isaac Newton were not mainstream people, the experimented and explored, probably not to concerned about their dress code. So yes, I imagine many of us find that clothes are limiting and constructive. The reality is, we don't need them most the time. The customs don't always line up with reality, and as I said, many of us are more concerned wit reality than customs.
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I read a wit lately. Said everyone so concerned about looking good and buying new clothes.
  Having a few beers with your new clothes with a friend on a hot day good.
  Having a few beers with a hot girlfriend without your clothes. Priceless.
  Thought I'd share.  Ha ha.
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