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My 8 year old son is hearing voices

My 8 year old son recently told me that he feels like he wants to kill himself and punch everyone. I took him to the hospital for an evaluation and he has spoken with his therapist and will have a full psych evaluation next month. He has not been officially diagnosed with Bi-Polar, just “NOS Mood Disorder”. Upon speaking with my son, he informed me that he has voices that tell him that he should kill himself and punch everyone. This is terrifying! As a mother, I am scared for my son. I have worked in the mental health field, and I’ve seen the extremes. How can this be happening to my little boy and what can I do to help him|!!!! Has anyone else gone through this? Any suggestions and or advice?
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  I had the onset of schizoaffective disorder at age13 and before I started medication I did have auditory hallucinations some of which were very disturbing especially when I told people about them. The best thing to do is speak to his psychiatrist and discuss these concerns with them. Also its important to distinguish thoughts he might have and actions which he would intend to carry out as the two often differ. NAMI friends and family groups can be helpful with coping skills. Its rare for bipolar to occur that early in life but at any age it is treatable. Also make sure at school after any follow up is done to  discuss with his guidance counselor what appropriate supports and services would be helpful for him and what accommodations there are for students with disabilities in general.
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