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Need advice on Bipolar 2 meds . Not doing well .

I have Bipolar 2 , PTSD , Panic Disorder and have Borderline Personality Disorder . I have more depression than mania. I was on Depakote 1000 mg a day . I felt pretty good but gained so much weight , which caused me to have prediabetes .I was changed to Lamictal which caused huge allergic reactions ! I just started Trileptal 300 mg twice a day. It's causing anxiety , but I also take Ativan . I seem to have more energy . Has anyone gained weight on this , and how does it work on the depression side of Bipolar 2 ? I'm so scared of medicine , but I have to have it or I cry constantly over the slightest thing . If anyone has any advice on the best mood stabilizer that doesn't cause weight gain or makes you want to die , PLEASE HELP ME !
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So sorry to hear about the issues you have had in finding the right medications!  That can be more then frustrating!  I don't know much about the specifics of different medications- but don't hesitate to share with your doctor your concerns and frustrations- let us know how you are doing.  
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I too have bipolar I take lamactal I know you said you can't take that but I was also on lithium and it worked. I just changed due to having to do blood tests but it worked. All I take is lamactal and trazadone at bedtime. Or when on lithium took that and trazadone. I also take clonidine as needed for anxiety none of those cause weight gain. What ever you do if you dont want to gain weight don't take seraquil I gained 20lbs in one month and my Dr changed that to the trazadone. I hope this might be helpful we are all different and everything words different but i have to been stable for 10 years on these meds
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Sadly, most psych meds cause weight gain. I've been on Lamictal for about 8 years and it hasn't made me balloon up, but it isn't enough on its own. Lithium was as bad as Seroquel for me in the weight gain department. The other big success that didn't make me pack on pounds and actually worked with the depression and mania is Latuda.
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unfortunately, a lot of these meds do cause problems with weight gain. However, if you can possibly try to set yourself up on a plan (sometimes it takes forcing yourself at that beginning), to get out and walk everyday, it will help you a lot.  It helps with the weight and with the mood.  My son has this problem. He has bipolar schizoaffective disorder. He is on Clozaril, Effexor and Trileptal.  Recently, he's gained some weight, but he's been trying to help slow down this weight gain problem with doing a lot of walking.  We live down south, so the snow and ice isn't a problem here.  But, during the summer months, we've tried (when I visit him), to walk in the mall, or go bowling/shoot pool, anything active to help with calorie burning.  It will probably always be harder to keep weight off because the meds are designed to slow down your thoughts in order to help you function in life.  My son is doing so much better with his life now. For years he was treated with the wrong medications and was constantly getting into trouble, fighting, etc. Now he's so gentle, pleasant, agreeable, a wonderful time to be with him. He's volunteering, attending church.  Prior to this, he was in and out of the psych hospital for 15 yrs. So, I am happy that he's on his meds.  Just consider trying to do some extra activity. What type of things 'active' do like?  Gardening? Skating? Horseback riding? Swimming? Walking/Running?  It is very hard to get motivated when you struggle with depression, I know. But, exercise has been such a big help in my life w/depression, too.  
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