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Need referral to a Psychiatrist

I have bipolar disorder, hypothyroid, and need assistance/referral of a Psychiatrist in the Los Angeles area who accepts Medicare or Medical.

Currently in a County Mental Health Center and the Psychiatrist can only see me every three months.

I have had suicidal thoughts, major depression, irritability, fear of dying and have P.T.S.D.

If there is anyone who can offer some help a referral to a Psychiatrist in my area Los Angeles, California.

Thank you.

Michelle Lev
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I would suggest the following.
This is a list of psychiatrists where you live:
This is the local chapter of NAMI where you live:
And your local independent living center which doesn't provide referrrals but can coordinate and follow up:
I think this information should be helpful to start with. And if you need to yes go to the emergency room. I agree with what people said.
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The way i got hooked with mine was that i hospitalized myself from about three days and then the doctor got in contact with a good psych. in the next city. I travel two hours away...

but hun if you're having suicidal thoughts GO TO THE HOSPITAL NOW! I've done it twice...and it helps. It gives you time alone with yourself and counsellors are there to help....im not preaching but i've been there....im a survivor and hun, hang in there...

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im in ohio been trying to get 1 for 2 yrs..in l.a. should be alot in that big city..hang in there..if you get to bad go to the inpaitent there in ur local are..then you will get one there..the pdoc..good luck..,.james
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