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No Energy

Hello all!!! I am wondering how common is having absolutely no energy.  This alone is driving crazy!!!  I look around and see all that needs to be done and it is a major effort just to do one thing.  In my past, I was steady paced for 17 hours a day getting everything done.  It's all changed to the point of depression just due to the fact of no energy.  I went to my PCP received a B-12 inj. and asked for a vial (LOL), well you know how that went over & the inj. did not help.  In 2 more days I have appt. with the PCP again.  LOL, give me a low dose amphetamine please!
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Deplin which is L-Methylfolate, prescription, is suppose to help with energy. It is expensive. A lot of insurance companies don't cover it. That is what my dr wants me to take. They have L-Methylfolate in the health food store but I need to do some research to see how it compares to Deplin and the dosaging. They also have Deplin coupons on line you can try to use at your pharmacy. I forgot to mention above that I was low on folic acid too. I think people with Bipolar especially should have any kind of bloodwork that effects energy because there are so many different causes that it could be. Even having a Thyroid problem, which I am on a med for, can affect ones energy. Talk to your dr about all off this. I hope you find something that helps.
Just know your not alone with this problem.

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I don't know if you are on meds or not. I am and I have no energy. When I wasn't on meds I was like you use to be. My dr ran a bloodtest to see if I was low on Vit b and D. I was. I have been giving myself monthly injections with dr rx for a couple of years now. My levels are normal now with these injections but for me they don't seem to help with my energy like they do for some people. I blame my "no energy" on my meds no matter what meds for Bipolar they are. But that's just my take on it for me. Regular shots might help you but I would get a level first from your dr and if your low you can get a script from your dr and give the shots yourself at home. Get a vit D and folic acid too as these can effect energy levels also. I would love to have my energy back. Depression makes it even worse. We need an energy pill on the market that could safely be taken with meds we are on. Working out helps one to have energy but you need energy to work out. It's a catch 22!

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Thank You for replying...I thought Bipolar was probably the reason...I haven't been diagnosed but for a couple of yrs & this has been my lowest level of energy by far.
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Yeah that might do it!!!!  go, go ,go
I have some theories on what is going on but I am not sure what the whole story is so I will say this:
In the past you were able to do these things at a steady pace for 17 hours.  Something happened now you are low of energy.  That something that happened is not important but it was likely that you got sick or had a little time off or..... well it was something.
Now you are having trouble getting going again and trust me that is normal.  We are human.
What is needing to get done?
It is likely a lot of things and that is why it is overwhleming.  How do you eat an elephant?
One bite at a time.
But as your stomach grows you can eat more and go longer without having to come back and eat.
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