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Is it normal to be in denial
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I think it is normal.I was first diagnosed with a mood disorder and now it has changed to bipolar,i still feel on the fence about whether it really is bipolar because i feel fine most of the time.
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Plenty of people I've talked to and listened to on here and in real life are in denial at various times during the course of their lives so yes, it's normal to be in denial.
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I felt this too, when im feeling good im feeling very good and cba thinking about that there might be something wrong with me. right now I am not diagnosed with anything but not feeling well at all.

I think it would give me some peace if i were diagnosed with it, might sound weird but that's how i feel atleast.

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I even lied to the doctor when i was in there when they were examining me, because at the time i felt fine.. I regret that now, but its hard explaining how you feel when it changes so god damn much.
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