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On the 'break..'

I was diagnosed with P.T.S.D, Bipolar, depression and anxiety, now I didnt give them anymore info for the simple fact that I had heard enough. I am aware that I do need help and I have reached my arm out alot here lately, nothing is helping. I recently lost 2 very loved ones, the only ones I had, I lost my home, car and was just released from Nero ICU for seziures. I feel myself in a way 'losing it', thoughts of death, not only to me but others who have i feel helped cause these things to happen. I usually am not a angry person but this is consuming me. Not sure what to do about this now, if you have any thoughts, please help, i already tried to kill myself 2x last month.
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  Yes that is a terrible experience but there are some ways to address it. The hospital you went to most likely has some form of outpatient follow up that could help you with some of your needs and concerns. There also should be agencies that provide supports and services that could help some that would be specific for any of your disabilities. See if you can obtain any referrals.
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