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Overwhelmed all the time

i am maniac depressive and i am overwhelmed byeverything. feeding my kids,bathing my kids and going anywhere with my kids. i am afraid i will fail at everything i do. how much of this is due the disorder? I have no desire to do anything except smoke cigarettes.
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I would guess a lot of it has to do with bipolar..

Are you currently seeing a pdoc? On meds?

When I get low, that happens to me. I tend to get everything done, but I stay completely overwhelmed and depressed about it.
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thank you for writing back i just wish i felt better i have no ambition im not able to take care of any of my responsibilities. im afraid to work im afraid of everything. im on meds, i get frustated by psychologist. he says everyone with two kids is overwhelmed..
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You may be manic. I lost my kids by being over protective and manic i cant icnore your question. You need to get in to a councelor, DONT PUT IT OFF. If you cant afford one they have programs in alot of states and i get free conceling and medication, you need to do this,

1 Take care of your needs so you can tend to them
2 Make sure only that they are Fed Changed and Clothed, see if they can help them selves on things depending on what age they are.
3 Breath do some breathing and drink cold water to help with anxiety

I lost my children because Manic depression and working over time cause me to have an out break of Skitzoprentia. I am lucky to have an open adoption and mostly i'm lucky to be alive, I wouldn't if i didn't see a councillor and i had to check myself in.
Now i had a very normal life, work pay bills and have great kids
It has taken me 6 years to get a normal life back
Just go to the local Mental health place availible to you please it's not worth it to not get some help

Now i went to church, i drove the church buss i went to work two jobs, i did eveything right i ...
I never knew how bad it was until it was too late...

Hope the best for you
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The lack of ambition could be caused by medications you're taking.  As for the rest it could be where you're overwhelmed by your disorder.
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I totally sympathise. As sara berry said it is a thin line between feeling overwhelemed and losing your kids. Mine are older now and help me but before I was diagnosed when they were very little I didn't want them. I wanted to act out on my impulses and go crazy and they were stopping me.. when the depression hit I couldn't be bothered with them, neglected them in allsorts of ways and I live with that guilt everyday. I screamed at my parents to put them in care. I see now that yes I was selfish but dealing with the onset of a very serious illness.. I also had post natal pyschosis 2 years after they were born. You need support, not for a few weeks but for years perhaps! This is not your fault! Every parent has overwhelming days but a parent with mental health problems? Almost definitely! Your mental health is overwhelming you, the kids are just a huge added stress! I am having a similar day, school holidays, still not dressed, only motivated to eat and smoke, but I've told someone and my nurse is coming out. Please get help. At the end of each day remind yourself that ypu are there for your kids, and you have mental health problems, what more do you need to be coping with? You are doing well but don't suffer!
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I'd find a new doctor to see. He's not taking you seriously at all.

There is a difference between 'wow I'm overwhelmed' and 'wow I can barely make it through the day because just taking care of basic needs is bowling me over'.

With the right meds, I don't get like that anymore. All it took was the right meds for a little bit (I'd say within 2 weeks I wasn't just drained by day to day life).

I'm so sorry... If you ever need anyone to talk to, you're more than welcome to PM me, too. Don't feel alone - judging by your responses there are lots of us!!!
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