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Can hypersexuality make your eyes feel weird to the point that you can't stare into peoples eyes and another thing can hypersexuality make you lose interest in having sex with your partner cause every time I get horny I tend to masterbate to weird porn like cartoon porn and then I don't want to have sex at all with my partner, I will not be that into her and start masturbating to porn instead but when I'm not feeling like that I want to have sex with her it just weird plus on top of that I got this weird feeling in the front of my head like it feels heavy and feel like it's blocking me from thinking about what I want to think about and sometimes my jaw hurts for no damn reason -_- but I need to know is that a hypersexuality thing cause I'm going to see a doctor about it please talk me to about it give me as much info on this let me know what you been through or have you ever been through this and tell me is there a solution for this and if yes did it help you
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Yes there is a solution but you will need to talk to a therapist.  It is more like you have a sex addiction at this point.  When I am manic I may experience some hyper-sexuality but I try to at least maintain enough discipline to not do it all the time.
If you are masterbating to cartoons and doing this often you are naturally going to lose interest in your partner and in turn you are going to start having more problems from that.  I would say to stop the porn and seek help so that you can have desires that are healthy.
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