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Pdoc keeps wanting to add more meds, I feel the ones I have are working?

Currently I'm on a mood stabilizer Lamictal which is helping some but not completely. My pdoc now wants to add an antipsychotic too. She claims most people are on 2 or more meds, not just 1.

I already had an adverse reaction to 1 antipsychotic so I'm very fearful of antipsychotics. She is getting frustrated with me. How should I proceed?
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Personally, she's your psych so honestly she needs to hear you out. I would literally say to her what you just said "I grasp that you would like to add an antipsychotic but I am very uncomfortable with antipsychotics and in general they make me very uneasy because I had a really bad experience. Can we possibly move in a different direction than an antipsychotic because that is something I am not okay with and am bottom line uncomfortable doing with, let's look at other possibilities" I've had similar experiences with my psychiatrist where I needed to speak up, and genuinely if you tell them and express your feelings they will work with you on what you want. I too refuse to be on any  antipsychotic for bad experiences as well along with any medication with possible weight gain side effect, so I understand! And personally just express how you feel in the calmest way possible
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Hi. I'm on 4 meds per day. It's known as a med cocktail. Because bipolar is a chemical imbalance a lot of people need more than one med.
  It's a trail and error. Or sometimes you may have to switch meds because of a med burn out.
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