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Prozan for Bipolar Depression

I have been struggling greatly with nicotine withdrawals over the past few months; it's been miserable. But, it's my own doing, so there's no self-pity coming from my end.

However, the withdrawals have been causing me severe bouts of depression. Severe enough that, even after getting through the worst of the withdrawals, I still fight the depression. There's not a whole lot of mood swings involved; just depression. I have read, that even after completely cessation of nicotine, major depression is very prevalent.

So, I've been through a few ADs, but most of them were the next generation (Celexa, Lexapro, Wellbutrin, etc..) and they all increased my cycling. However, I know that Prozac is one of the weakest ADs on the market and I am starting to wonder if a small dose (maybe even sub-therapeutic) may help keep my moods a little more even with respect to the depression. The depression just guts me, but I have to quit chewing, it's the only substance I have ever abused; I cannot keep it in moderation.

Have any of you BP folks had success with Prozac? I know that it's approved in conjunction with Zyprexa (they even have a pill that's a combination of the two), but I'm not going to mess around with another anti-psychotic. The akathesia that they cause me is worse than the depression. So, I guess I am looking for honesty here, not just success stories. I also don't know that it's a medication that I'd need to take long term; with the other ADs, I was pulled off of them cold-turkey and didn't experience any withdrawal issues. The Lamictal helps out with that.
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withdrawing from nicotine is as bad as withdrawing from tranquilizers or narcotics. but still it depends on the type you smoked. for example withdrawing from cigarettes - i read - is the wotst withdrawal of them all. usually smokers change over to cigars first then withdrawal becomes easier.

as to prozac i took one pill from it one and was dreadful i became crazy more than i usually am

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Yeah, it's been rough. I have never really dealt with a depression that is this deep when I go through withdrawals. Many people in the medical community state that nicotine is the most additive substance out there. However, there is no rapid detox program, which I find ridiculous.

I am going to have to cut back by just staying out of the house and away from them for extended periods of time; I'll go for long walks. Hopefully, by doing that, I'll be able to cut back to the point where the withdrawals are more bearable.
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i read that for nicotine withdrawal welbutrin is best. some even think wrong of course that it is manufactured solely for this purpose. it's also SR (sustained) it comes in 150mg and 300mg, try the weakest.
good luck
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I wish Wellbutrin were an option.. I was placed on it a few years ago and had a psychotic break.
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