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Psychotic breakdown

Do all people with bipolar or any other mental illnesses suffer from a breakdown? I for one never had one. I was speaking to a social worker and he told me in my case it may because I have the support or maybe I have some sort of control that enables me to make it pass the days. He also seem surprise because I am not on meds. I told him they bring on any attacks and make them worst. So I just been going on a day to day basis.
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Not every breakdown is psychotic.  I had a complete mental breakdown about 16 years ago or so which lead to 3 years of crushing depression - my illness course leaves me prone to this type of breakdown.

However not being on meds?  Dont know - i went nearly 15 years not on meds and i thought i was fine until I wasnt and went psychotic manic, so you might be fine for a long time as well.

And I wasnt fine, I was hypomanic and looking back had at least 3 mini breakdowns and burnouts in that time.
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Psychotic features are often present during the manic phase of bipolar I disorder. Aspects of psychosis may also manifest during extreme episodes of depression. They are also present in schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder. These features include delusions (false ideas about what is taking place or who one is) and hallucinations (seeing or hearing things which aren't there).

As you can see those suffering from Bipolar I are more likely to suffer a psychotic episode than someone diagnosised with Bipolar II disorder.

This does not mean that all Bipolar I patients have psychotic episodes and that a Bipolar II personality cannot have a psychcotic episode.

There are too many factors involved to accurately determine who will and will not have an episode.

I'm diagnosised as Bipolar I with psychotic features but I'm not in a constant state of psychosis. Actually, most of the time I am not.

If you personnally hear or see things that aren't there, you definitely want to talk to your doctor, otherwise, I wouldn't concern myself with it.

I know I've thrown  a lot of information at you and hope you find some of it helpful.

Let us know how you're doing and take care of yourself.

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Does anyone believe that there is a spiritual force that is involved? I have not had but one episode and it could of been spiritual.
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Uhh no I dont believe its spritual.  Many psychotic episodes can appear that way and there are plenty of schizoprenia patients who claim god speaks to them (no its not a cliche they exist)
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I experienced it to be like an attack. Isn't our mind the battlefield? It is my disire to overcome this disease so I can live a full life.
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