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Quetiapline and Lamtrogine for bi polar not working any more.

I was diagnoisded last year as bi-polar and I am on 250 mg of Quetiapine at night and 150 mg of lamtrogine in the morning. I have been on this for a year. The first 8ths it has been a life saver, but over this last 4 mths I have slowly declined into a heavy depression again. any advice would be appreciated .
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I forgot to add the reason I have not been back to the doctor who medicated me is I no longer have private health insurance.
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I don't know what to tell you other than to go back to another psychiatrist and ask for a med assessment.  It usually takes a few years to find a good medicine regimen for psychiatric illnesses, and there are typically many adjustments to dosages and even complete changes in medications you take along the way.
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Thank you for the reply, I will do that, I booked my appt.
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Good to hear.  Good luck!
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something wrong is going on there. i have always envied pts living in the USA or Europe for being more exposed to good healthcare but apparently doctors there are as ignorant as the shoemakers we have here.

quetiapine is the only FDA approved AP for depression. Lamotrigine is also an AC suitable for depression. The only thought i have about them if you can read the brochure of both to see whether there is some sort of interaction between both. Otherwise they must help in depression.

Out of curiosity is your doctor a pdoc or a GP because the easiest thing is to label pts as having BP. This is called la mode du siecle i.e. the new fashion. The no of BP pts is in the rise. How come you are diagnosed at the age of 40 with it, although the majority are dx in late adolescence. What sort of drugs you were taking before the age of 40. Were you only depressed so you took an antidepressant that drove you manic so your doctor informed you that surprisingly you have BP  Something is weird here.

Go and consult another one.

Another thing you can reduce your dose of quetiapine but you need to ask your doc first.

I wonder why you are writing the generic names of drugs. I know quetiapine the generic of seroquel appeared lately this year as Astra zeneca doesn't possess the patent anymore but the brand lamictal still exists for lamotrigine. Sometimes the brand name is more potent but usually the generics are cheaper i suppose.

i am sorry, the only thing i can propose is to consult as thatquietgirl said another pdoc
good luck
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Interesting.  Over here (USA), Seroquel is actually frequently prescribed and ok for bipolar disorder when someone is really manic due to its side effect of making someone drowsy (if not more reasons); I have never had someone who was bipolar II say they were on it.  Lamictal is also frequently prescribed despite the fact it is a seizure medication.  I was given a reason back when I was on it but I can't recall what it was.  I didn't bat a lash at the meds because of that.  Perhaps it has changed since I was on both.  I know a lot of meds seem to be "searching" for a disorder to treat these days.
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