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Racing thoughts and mixed episode?

I have a question about my thoughts that never seem to quit. I just had a baby a few weeks ago. To make a long story short I was also recently diagnosed with bi polar disorder as well. What I originally believed was just post partum depression I now believe is a mixed bi polar episode.

I have been having the most irrational thoughts that seem to plague my all the time. It's like my mind is being tormented with thoughts of people I know and love dying or my house catching on fire or even crazier that my house is haunted. It's making me absolutely miserable and I feel like I am going insane. I have seen a doctor who has prescribed me Latuda and Lamictal. I started out taking Zoloft but it made me much more manic which is how the bi polar diagnosis was made. In addition to the racing thoughts, extreme anxiety I am also severely depressed to the point I am not functioning well. Before the Latuda I was on Zyprexa which made me suicidal.

My question is could the Latuda be contributing to the racing thoughts? It seems to be making me much more anxious. Also, is there any medication that seems to help? I have Klonopin that my Ob gave me with the Zoloft but I have not asked my Psych Dr about taking it with the Latuda and Lamictal because he always acts like my questions bother him..

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   Firstly, if a medication is just started its efficacy will take a while to build
up. Also (any clinical specifics of this information or decisions should be
made by a psychiatrist) Lamictal can sometimes be more helpful on
depression than mania although each person responds differently
to each medication.
  Also go to the Latuda website. If you go to the section on potential side effects it noted potential interactions it notes it can interact
with anti-depressents. If your psychiatrist discontinued the Zoloft recently
this could be a concern as it could still be in your system.
Also it notes concerns in using it for people with depression.
It would be worthwhile to discuss these concerns
with your psychiatrist.
   Also your psychiatrist should be responsive to your questions.
If they prescribed Klonopin they should be able to
address any concerns you had about it. If the depression
or mood changes started with what they believed to be
post partum depression the follow up on that is somewhat
different from standard bipolar or depression. Also having
suicidal ideations from Zyprexa is a rare reaction.
If they are unable to resolve these concerns they might
want to refer you to a mood disorders specialist
for a one time consult or a psychopharmocologist who are medication
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You may also consider Free support groups through th DBSA web site.
  I have weird thoughts during mania. One thing I do is continue to self talk.
Ruminating is bad. Let the thoughts pass through you. Don't dwell.
Then the thoughts have no power.  It's hard to describe, but I've been managing there kinds of symptoms all of my life. Feel free to pm me if you have any questions.    Pamela
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I take a very low dose of klonopin .5mg and it helps with anxiety and I take it 3 times a day. It helps out and doesn't make you have so much anxiety about what's going around you.
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