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Relationship Addiction / Co-Dependency

Have you been either officially or non-officially diagnosed with Sexual/Relationship Addiction and/or Co-Dependency?  If so, what form of treatment/therapy and/or medications have you tried to control these behaviors?
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My therapist told me I am co-dependant, which is VERY obvious for me. I CAN'T be alone. And I don't feel close enough to my guy unless we have lots of sex. I'm not on anyhong for it, didn't know there was anything for it. I was going to therapy but can't afford it anymore, so I guess I'll have to stay dependant and insecure for now.
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Oops I meant to say anything... I'm trying to type on my iPod LOL
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I was formally diagnosed as co-dependant by a Psychiatrist around the same time as BP diagnosis.  I knew something was very dysfunctional in my behaviour, and begged for an explanation.  I was almost relieved to hear from a specialist that there is a name for it, and I had all the signs of co-dependancy....along with relationship addiction...both co-existing alongside the BP.  

I do think that there is stigma attached to this subject, as it is not easy to talk about or even admit to having this 'disease'.  It is nevertheless a very REAL addiction and co-exists with BP just like alcohol or substance addiction.  It is also possible to recover from, with the 12 step program and good therapy but with the very nature of Bipolar with it's highs and lows, makes the challenge even tougher as any addict will know too well.    



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