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Schizoaffective or Bipolar?

To make a really long story not quite as long. I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder when I was 20 years old. Before this I was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, and before that with severe anxiety and major depressive disorder.
About 2 months ago my psychiatrist told me she felt I actually had Schizoaffective disorder instead of bipolar and referred me to a clinic for people with "severe" mental health issues.
I then got a call today telling me my psychiatrist called the referral people and asked them to refer me to the bipolar clinic instead (which is like an 8 month wait here). Does this mean she's decided I have bipolar instead of schizoaffective disorder and does this change my medications at all? She's really confused me now. What's the difference anyways?

I hear things all the time, but they don't bother me unless I'm manic or depressed. Usually it's just things like music, or people calling my name, or like just chitter chatter in the background. When I'm manic or depressed it just usually takes a turn for the negative and plays into my mood. Does this sound more like bipolar or schizoaffective?
Can you hear things when you're hypomanic? Because that might explain why I'm always hearing things, I'm almost never in a "normal" mood, I'm usually slightly depressed or slightly manic with little bouts of mania and full blown depression thrown in every couple of months.
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It sounds a bit like schizoaffective / Bi Polar type , the doctor seems to think i have it , some of my symtoms are simmilar to what you mentioned so i wouldn't be surprised , best just asking your doctor to see what he / she think's.
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The main thing is you can't be both and I will be glad when they get their heads out of their a$$es and give you a diagnoses so you can start to work on this with the knowledge you can gain by seeing where you fit in.  I am type 1 bipolar.  I hear and see thing sometimes but only if I stay up for weeks.  I would start keeping track of your moods and sleep patterns so that when you go to the doctor you can be prepared for him/her even if they are not prepared for you.
There are many types of bipolar and some do not experience hallucinations or hear voices.  Look at the DSM VI sometimes which is something your doctors should have knowledge from anyway.  It may help.  The main reason to know whether you are schizoaffective or bipolar with psychosis is the treatment is slightly different.  To the best of my knowledge those with type to with hypomania do not go through hallucinations or hear voices, but I cannot be boderline personaltiy disorder, bipolar, BPD, schizophrenia, you are either one or the other, not two of the same time.  You scan have symptoms of a couple of them.  You can also have different some other disorders on top of ONE of those like ADD, ADHD, OCD, Hypochondriac, bulimia, and many others.  I have gotten this information from a very good psychiatrist.  I may not be corredt on everything but I am correct on alot of it.  look into it for yourself, don't try to diagnose yourself, but do voice to your doctor and if he/she can't figure it out, go and get a second opinion.

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