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School Reunions, who has attended successfully

I am going to my schools 30 yr reunion.  Here is the thing.  Never been before due to lack of time & courage.  I was not that happy at school but guess what the few people who have I had contact since school have told me what a good friend I was and how much I meant to them. So my in spite of my self perception as a loser I was seen as important and fun. I am going because it should be possible to have fun as long as I don't get disinhibited or maudlin.  My CBT will be absolutely crucial to keep on track.  I consider myself to struggle with money, not fulfilled my potential as an athlete or professional while my peers have kicked on.  However that is not necessarily true & I have to cut them slack as over 30 yrs there have to have been many ups & downs. I would like to hear from people who negotiated this successfully and those who haven't but have insight into how to make it better.  How do you handle that guy who bullied you would be a good start.
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I went to my 20 year reunion and I had a great time.People change alot from high school.
go and have a good time and just enjoy yourself.
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I had a great time on the reunion although the mood swings after such a big weekend were ferocious.  Was able to positive talk myself through it though.  Lots of people have had good and bad times.  One poor mate is now mad as a meat axe after work stress.  He has such little insight that he resigned from his very secure public service job with 1000 hours of accrued sick leave and believes that he has nothing wrong with him.  His poor wife is caring for him and her aged mother and does not even claim a carers allowance.  So I have to think of him when I find myself panicking.
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There will always be people in better and in worse positions in their life than you.  That's the nature of the beast.    My experience has been that most people are too focussed on themselves to really pay that much attention to others (unless they are looking for faults in which case one can never win anyhow).  I'm glad you had a positive experience!!!  
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You've made it 30 yrs and still are on your feet so you must be doing something right. I have not gone to any recent reunions as there are only 2 people I wanted to see and I just found out that one had died. As for the bully, ignore him if you can. Usually they tend to forget how they acted in HS anyway. Go and enjoy yourself. There will be many who have had good times and bad just like you and you will be suprised by who has done what. Enjoy!
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My 10 year reunion should have been two years ago. I never got an invitation. Never heard anything about it. I don't really care to go. They are really expensive here. For some reason my high school thinks everyone can afford formal dinner at an expensive hotel, so I was sort of glad I didn't get an invitation. At the same time, though, I wonder why I didn't. It is just really weird.
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