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Seroquel Withdrawal

I have been off seroquel for 6 days and am on my 4th day of being sick.  My body hurts so bad into my bones, have a constaint headache, cant sleep and and really nautious all day and vomiting.  I was on this medication for 3 years and was cut off cold turkey because insurance ran out.  What do I do to help myself get through this withdrawal and how long should it last?  I start college tomorrow and i'll do whatever i can to get through this and stay in school.
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it just takes time and withdraw slowly . you can feel psychotic also a bit. i suppose consult your pdoc. you can't stop anything cold turkey in our illness
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  Yes I had some of those side effects (sometimes called "flu like withdrawal symptoms") even when I titrated off Seroquel to another medication under psychiatric supervision. This definitely would occur discontinuing it all at once. In time they would pass but this should be done under medical supervision and whatever they are treating will return with more intensity than before due to the sudden discontinuation. The important thing is to see if you could find coverage that would pay for a psychiatrist. You might be eligible for Medicaid (and if not at any time in the future you could look up the Medicaid Buy in for Working People with Disabilities) and if you could not receive it now go to the hospital (short term you wouldn't have to be admitted) to be able to see a psychiatrist and then you could be eligible for emergency Medicaid which would transition into standard Medicaid.
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You just have to wait it out unfortunately, I was on Seroquel for seven Years and stopped about A Year ago on my own accord. You will get back into a pattern eventually, I never had psychical side effects so I do not know about them didn't realize they existed but the sleeping is normal as Seroquel is good for helping with sleep
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Unfortunately, I would not recommend starting college right now. Personally, I wouldn't be able to make it. I couldn't even get my oil changed today because of the extreme pain, visual issues, and vomiting and flu like symptoms.

It entirely depends on your body, how long you have been taking it, and how high your dose was. If you were on it for three years, from the date of your last pill it can take anywhere from four months to a full year to be completely rid of the withdrawal effects. They will slowly lessen, for a long time if anything strange is going on with you just look up Seroquel withdrawal and note that your symptom is on the list and try to remind yourself so it doesn't cause undue anxiety or stress. Knowing what is going on with your body will help you deal with it. Strangely, Benedryl seems to help many of the withdrawal symptoms. Additionally melatonin and Gasx/peppermint oil can help relieve a lot of the side effects of Seroquel withdrawal. I'm going through my third time withdrawaling from Seroquel, this time I was up to 1200mg for about the last five or six years. I've been stepping down every two weeks for about four months. At first it isn't that bad but when you get to around half of your previous dose you will start to notice major withdrawal symptoms. I'm tapered down to 75mg right now and I feel like I'm going to die today, it's been one week since my last step down. It seems like two days after and seven days after lowering tend to be my worst days. Even though my body and mind are attacking me and I'm not getting enough sleep, I definitely notice much more clarity and drive than I had when I was a zombie because of the Seroquel. I would recommend seeking help from a community/campus doctor if possible, but be aware that they are going to try to get you back on Seroquel. If not possible, rather than tossing and turning or watching tv all night do some research and really educate yourself on what is happening to you. A lot is happening and understanding that will make it easier to deal.
I have been on this medication for approx.4 years. It has caused me to have a rash and hives. im down to 275mg. from 300 mg. Ive had an aching back, my palms turn red, Ive had lack of appetite and slowing down of motor skills. this has been a living hell. my doctor cant help. I went to a specialist and she couldn;t help. I even went to the er and they cant help. this drug is pure poison. help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Astra Zeneca needs to be sued again BIG TIME.
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I got cut off my seroquel cold turkey and had horrible withdraw symptoms for a year and 3 months and as soon as I went to a new Dr she started me back on it at 100mg once a day and before I was on 400mg three times daily for 3 years I had vomiting weight loss and sever agitation so it can last 4 months to 15 months I didn't request to be put back on it but I'm glad I was because I'm sleeping again and not puking
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I'm so sorry that happened with your insurance. Tapering off is the best way to come off of antipsychotics but I understand that wasn't possible for you. If you are able to, I'd go out and buy vitamins like magnesium and Omega 3's, which are supposed to help both physically and mentally. Unfortunately with Seroquel withdrawal there's really not much you can do but ride it out. With everything I've researched about it, it lasts for a really long time and you might feel like you'll never get back to normal. But also with my research, I found that those who stop taking their antipsychotics are much more successful in life than those who don't because of how detrimental they are to your body. So try and ride it out because this toxic chemical changed how your body functions and now your body has to try and function without it. I hope you feel better soon.
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