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Seroquel XR

How many of you on the above drug have gained weight.  I've just started Seroquel XR 50 mg. and have noticed an increase in appetite and have gained approximately three pounds during the past two weeks.  Other than weight gain I have had absolutely no side effects.

Please tell me of your experiences.  I'm afraid of ballooning out as I'm already overweight and can't afford to put on more weight.
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I had some problem with weight gain from Seroquel and especially Risperdal. Abilify is less likely to do that but from what you say the Seroquel is tolerable except for the weight gain. Complex. It is important to keep the weight gain in check so I'd suggest having your psychiatrist refer you to a nutrionist and definitely get a test (at least once a year) for blood sugar levels and the like (on any antipsychotic). As for the "known" medication I take which is Clonidine as a mood stabilizer it makes me want to eat all the time so my policy is keep fattening snacks out of the house so I don't give into temptation. Speak to your psychiatrist and see how best to approach it.
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I've been on Seroquel for one month and it stimulated my appetite a little.
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Go for 6 small meals a day. No sugar and no caffiene. A brisk walk for at least 30 minutes a day will help keep your weight in check. I have lost 46 pounds this way and I am on zyprexa the most notorious med for weight gain.
Love Venora
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Thanks for your suggestions!  I will try them.  Why no caffiene though?
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Caffiene aggravates bi polar. I am on low dose of head meds since I cut out the caffiene
Let me know how you do on the 6 small meals. It works really great. I have 3 oz of protien and ,lots of fruits and veggies.
Love Venora
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I have been on regular Seroquel for years and Seroquel XR for some time now and I have never gained any weight. In fact, I was on Seroquel when I lost the weight I gained from all the other drugs.
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Hi lagatta,

I only had a brief encounter with Seroquel XR, and was taken off it within a month's time, because it made me too drowsy, and physically drained, even with 8, 9, 10 hours of sleep.  I can't say I ever noticed an increased appetite.

Did your psychiatrist talk to you beforehand about the possible side effects?  I know when ever I was seeing one they did, or I would ask.  So talk to your psychiatrist about your concern of weight gain, so they can figure that into their equation of medications they might recommend.  If your psychiatrist doesn't provide common side effects of the medication they are suggesting for you, ask him/her that way, hopefully, you can try to avoid this situation.  I know, for me, personally, it can be quite frustrating after a while.

Best of luck.

~* HoneyNut
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