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Seroquel making friend sleepy

I have a BP friend that started Seroquel almost a month ago and she is still having sedative side effects.  She takes 50mg twice a day and 200mg at bedtime.  She is concerned about this side effect continuing and wants to feel peppy in order to start back to work.  Will this sleepy side effect subside.  She sleeps throughout the day.  Thanks!  
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300 mg aday is alot.I only take 5 mg of zyprexa and 5 mg of celexa. she needs to talk to her doc about what is going on . that seems like way too much med.
love Venora
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your friend is taking serouquel during the day, so yes it is going to make her sleepy. I take 100mg at bedtime and that can be to much. Venora is right, She needs to dr on Monday and ask to have it switched to nightime.

Good Luck

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I will pass on the info.  She has an appointment Tuesday!  
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I was on 6- 50mg of Seroquel 2x per day (600 mg)).  I stopped taking it because it made me a ZOMBIE!!!  Tell your friend to talk to her doctor about Ablify, i have been taking that it I think it is awesome!!
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Thanks!  I will.  I was curious about Ablify myself.  I was told it is not sedative or a weight gainer.  However, Lithium works pretty good.  I occasionally have hypomania on it, but not often.  I am curious to see how the Wellbutrin and Lithium will work together.  So far, it is going really well.  Thanks for the tip!
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