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Seroquel regular vs. Seroquel XR

I have always taken regular release Seroquel, 450mg at bedtime for a few years now. My new psych dr wants me to try Seroquel XR - extended release. I have been having problems with my anxiety disorder - panic attacks which are new, and with my moods cycling rapidly. I am not keen on taking the Xanax for anxiety, but I do when absolutely necessary. She said that some people have reported an anti-anxiety effect that carries through into the daytime when the Seroquel XR is taken at bedtime.

Just wondering if anyone has any experience with Seroquel XR, and specifically, how it worked compared to regular release Seroquel.
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I should add that my depressive symptoms with the rapid cycling have gotten pretty serious. I just was wondering if Seroquel XR would help with that part of the BP 1, as well.
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i was on seraquil for over 2yrs..only at 100mgs is all i could handel..it did me great..then i went to the 200mg xr,s  they are difft there with you the whole 24hrs..yes they are good for anxiety....and they can cause some anxieties in some people..i doubt it would you since ur taking 450mgs imt release..i had to get off of it 2 reason's #1 my sugar was going up..#2 my heart rate was going up to 150 BPM.....im on xanax for 3yrs everyday for pantic attacks...before that was on klonopin 12 yrs..so im addicted to benzos..on them threw my dockter..xanax is the best med for pantic...you can take them with serquil..so if you need one you will have the option!!  so ur just now experiencing  pantic?? yea thats got to be bad with rapid cycling.....ok well good luck too you  james
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on the part of serquil to help bp1 yes cuz you will be in the higer mgs i would think if ur taking 450 imt release...james
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I have had social anxiety/social phobia all of my life. I have some pretty serious anxiety before and during social situations, but my anxiety was always a kind of slowly growing dread or, in the event of something unexpected, a sudden slap of anxiety. Now I am having times before social events of the anxiety hitting full force quite suddenly, throwing me completely off guard. I'm think I'm fine and then BOOM. It started with a Yoga class I am taking. On my way up the steps and on my way in the car, I had panic attacks. I almost passed out both times, and with the one in the car I thought I was dying. It was terrible. So, yes, the panic attacks are new, but anxiety is not.

The Seroquel immediate release of 450mg did give me the unpleasant side effect of feeling like my heart is going to pound out of my chest 1-2 hrs after I take it. It lasts for about 20-30mins. Maybe the extended release will help with that.
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Have you throught about spreading out your dose? I find lower doses 3x a day really work. I take 50mgs morn, afternoon then 100 mgs at night.  it helps with the daily grind of anxiety, which is my major issue. I find I rarely use my ativan for breakthrough anxiety now, since my dosage has been upped. Just a thought, cheers Jane
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I don't think that would work. I need the Seroquel at bedtime to put me to sleep. I don't sleep if I just take a small dose, and if I don't sleep I get manic, and when if I get manic I can get delusional. I primarily take it for its antipsychotic properties, and the fact that it puts me to sleep at night is a bonus. Sometimes, when I am even just a little manic, my dose of immediate release 450mg isn't enough to put me to sleep. Then I have to use Xanax. The idea of using it for anxiety would just be a bonus, too. I used to take Zoloft for anxiety, but I can't take it because of the bipolar. Also, I am trying to avoid being sleepy during the day. I spent several years doped up because of the medication I was on and I don't want to waste my days sleeping.
I took my first dose of Seroquel XR 500mg last night. I was taken by surprise when a sudden wave of ringing in my ears and tingling from head to toe hit me. In addition, it made me hyper instead of sleepy. Don't get that at all. I said I would give it 2 weeks, and I will, but I slept way too much today and dragged myself around when I was awake. I'm supposed to get labs drawn tomorrow and there is no way I can drive like that.
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I was put on Seroquel XR and could not tolerate it... I couldn't get up in the morning, driving was iffy and I was constantly tired throughout the day.. I'm back on a regular dose of 200mg/night (I take this drug specifically because it helps me sleep, otherwise I can't sleep).  The suggestion of breaking out the dose throughout the day seems like it may be worth a try.....
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Have you thought about a different med for sleep altogether? I take trazadone,which isn't a narcotic, and works very well, I have a sleep disorder, I sleep walk and have mid sleep awakening. It works 10x better then any other drug I have found. There are other options out there. best of luck to you, Jane
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Ah, yes, Trazodone. It is an antidepressant. I cannot take antidepressants unless I'm looking to be manic and delusional. Trazodone is also the drug that gave me such severe peripheral edema I couldn't wear shoes and had to take a diuretic. So, no on Trazodone.

If I break the Seroquel into doses and take them in the daytime then I will be even more drowsy in the daytime than I am if I take it all at night before bed.

Ah, well, I guess I'll give it the two weeks and decide what I can and can't live with. I did have an iffy moment driving today. I thought I was OK enough, but apparently not. I'll check in at the end of two weeks.
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im on seroquel...reg stuff....im too lazy to walk over to my dresser and check the dosage, but its low its about 100 mg at night. I have no side effects that i can see...the pills make me a little high or whatever, but im on alot of them so i cant tell anymore. But seroquel i guess has different reaction. My best friend was on it too and she told me that her legs would hold still that they were shaking all the time..

i was on respiridone (sp?) and it caused severe hormonal problems, the doctors are checking to make sure i dont have a tumour in my putuitary gland (which isnt there, i know it) So i guess everyone has different side effects to drugs...c'est la vie mon ami!

-JP Good luck with Seroquel!
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I do notice I get restless legs at night, and in one report it was shown to happen in Seroqual. I take some ativan it it gets bad, or a tylenol with codeine, both seem to curtail it, but it's damnably irritating, I'm going to have to mention it to my pdoc.
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I had been taking Trazadone and ambien to try and help sleep at night and Cymbalta during the day.  The Trazadone/ambien stopped working and I was back to not sleeping and still fighting depression.  Doc took be of Cymbalta/Trazadone/Ambien and put be on Seroquel.  Still could not sleep and was still having depression issues.  am now on Seroquel XR at night and Cymbalta during the day and feeling much better.  I have had to adjust when I take the XR to earlier in the evening or I am really drugged the next morning.
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I've taken both kinds of seriqul extended relase and regaular I still use XR when I think I may be manic or anxious but only the next day because it take hours to kick in but once it does its really strong.
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I must commend you on your openness and honesty out here in "public land". What courage!!!!!
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I just started on Seroquel XR for Panic Disorder, what's the difference between XR and normal seroquel? I suppose it will help with my Borderline Personality Disorder/Chronic Depression aswell, considering it is prescribed mostly for Bipolar, and Bipolar and BPD run on par with each other. I have been on nearly every med known to man for panic disorder/depression/sleep since I was 12 and I'm only 18. These include Largactyl, Valium, Deptran, Pristiq, Prozac, Luvox, Lumin, Xanax, Serepax, Avanza, Stillnox... need I continue? In actual fact, I was prescribed Largactyl/Valium together to aid sleep/panic attacks. I believe that specific combination was the most beneficial for me, and although it didn't stop the panic attacks completely, instead of getting 8-9 panic attacks a day, as well as general anxiety and irrational fears, my anxiety/panic attacks were slim to none. Because I have been addicted to drugs since I was 12 years old (ice/heroin main aggressors), after I got released from jail at 18, my doctor decided to cut me off the Largactyl/Valium as he was concerned I would overdose. Bear in mind, I am on the methadone program (reduced from 75ml to 50ml whilst incarcerated) and it would increase the effects of whatever medication or illicit substance I decide to take, although if I didn't abuse the medications I were prescribed I would be fine. What I do not understand is if overdosing was my doctors concern, why would he have me on xanax (extensive history of xanax and heroin overdoses) while I was a full blown heroin addict, and then when I've been clean off heroin for a year and a half and doing fairly well drug wise, he takes me off the drugs that have worked better than any other because he wants to start taking precautions now... A bit late don't you think, and now it's is not even a concern.. When I was on heroin, overdosing was a usual occurance, these days, it is a very rare occasion such a thing will happen. He put me on seroquel XR because it doesn't have the immediate "stoned" feeling that seroquel does. What I want to know is, if i want to get drowsy at around 11pm, what time should I take my seroquel to get maximum effect sleep-wise? Also, is there any other medication you can suggest to me that will help with panic disorder that I haven't tried? I am absolutely desperate. I took heroin to self medicate because my panic attacks wouldn't go away. They cripple me. They riddle my body. They rule my life. I am terrified. Also, what do you suggest for impulse control. I do anger management but it is not enough. I do not want to hurt anyone, and I am scared of what I am capable of. I am begging the doctors to put me on something or help me so I don't hurt someone and end up in jail, but because of my extensive drug abuse history, they think I am trying to get a fix. Please help me, I am not a bad person, I just need some help to change.
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I have had many of the issues you have had and I know what those mood swings and anxiety are like. I am about ten years older than you and I didn't get any help until the last few years. A rule of thumb for me is taking the XR about 3 hours before you want to go to sleep. I like the XR much better than the immediate release because the regular stuff would kick in really fast, too fast, I didn't make it off the couch a lot of times. XR seems to keep me stable through most of the day. I do feel a little more doped in the morning but it's not bad and I take my anti-depressants in the morning and they kick in fast. So I am feeling level and composed when I walk out the door. The problem with the benzos is they don't treat the disorder but rather treat the symptoms.
To make a long answer shorter, I think the XR will help you with the anger part of the mood swings, it worked for me. You are going to have to find a physician that listens to you, I know a lot don't and second you are going to have to be patient until you find the right dose that works for you.
I don't know what area you are in but I do know a great Dr. that has helped me out a lot. If you are not close to him I think he might even be willing to video conference you over the computer.
I went through all the same things so I wanted to write you and try to help. Let me know bnotej AT g m a i l. c o m
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Hi there Penelope

I've been stable and happy for 3yrs now. I'm on 200mg epitec/lamitor in the morning and 800mg seroquel and 100mg tegratol at night. I know the doses sound high but my psychiatrist treats some patients with even higher doses. I found that I still got moody at "that" time of the month and that's when the tegretol was added. After being stable for a long time he put me on ciplatrim to help with weight loss. I lost a total of 28kgs. If u have a problem with weight issues let me know and we can have a more in depth discussion.

Anyway the actual reason for this mail is to thank u. A week ago my pharmacist decided to "upgrade" me to seroquel XR. Also on cold meds so wasn't sure at 1st but after having a read on blog u started I saw that the seroquel XR can be responsible for ears being blocked and ringing and not being able to sleep.
So thank u!!!! At least tomorrow I can go beat my pharmacist and get back to sleeping peacefully x

P.s. Hope this helps other ppl with bipolar
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Is common to have ringing in the ears using seroquel, i have 6 months with this ringing problem.
alonso, first I will say that this is an old thread and because of that may not receive a lot of attention beccause of that.  Second I will answer your question by letting you know that in my experience I would say that your issue is not common although I would not rule out medication as being the source.  I would, however associate this sympton with some other medicine you may be taking.
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