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Shock treatment

sooo i went and saw my Pdoc today and there was some talk of Electric shock treatment (ECT)... he says this could have a massive effect on me as medications seem to not work to well and i seem to just be getting worse.. he asked me to research it and have a think about it before seeing him on monday.. i was wondering if anyone here's tried this form of treatment before and if effective, im a little scared at the thought of it..
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Basically ECT is a last resort option when all known anti-depressents have failed. And it generally causes short term memory loss and sometimes long term (though this has improved since they've further developed how to administer it). However, I did know a person who said they had depression where they had active suicidal and it helped. One difficulty is that it generally is effective for about 6 months and it often has to be redone. I do know that trans cranial magenetic stimulation is an FDA approved option that works in the same manner without those side effects but I don't know if it is approved outside of the U.S. and if so if people could travel to recieve it. I did consider undergoing TCMS years ago before it was FDA approved for what was then treatment refractory schizophrenia and since its now in clinical study for tardive dyskinesia (which I have in advanced form) once its approved I would consider undergoing it. Find out if there's a way you potentially recieve that as an option to ECT as it is a promosing alternative that at least in the U.S. is FDA approved.
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When in psychiatric hospital in Washington, DC, my doc, Dr. Teeter, administered shock on other patients.  Horrible to see patients immediatedly after.  An older minister was receiving the treatment as he had visions of a dead son in hell.  Immediately after, he was so shocked he wouldn't know to zip his fly..and looked like he had been through hell.  His wife visited regularly and played piano for us all.  Since she was willing to let him go through this, and he did look and act better given a few days, I suspect it was necessary.  I second what advocate has said.  Last resort, and has been improving through the years.  There was also a suicidal patient, young woman, that Teeter was shocking.  So legitimate tool when used by a doc you know and trust.  Not something to go into lightly.  Last resort.  **** Cavett (intelligent talk show host) is the only public figure I am aware of who spoke openly advocating shock as the treatment that helped him overcome depression.

This is a strong tool, as are the drugs they will recommend you use.  Take time to research all of this dear.
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Thankyou so much for the info you've both provided.. Im very hesitant and the idea of it worrys me greatly.. ive read allot about memory loss and people being verrrrrryyy vague after the procedure.. how long does it take to come good?? i am however at the point where im desperate to try anything that could help.. i fall into patches of depression where i become suicidal and cant get out of bed n will literally just sit n cry to the point where my face feels like its burning from the irritation..  i find medications help for a short period of time but then i ether fall back into a deep depression or become manic and always manage to end up in ALLOT of trouble..
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There was a girl in the hospital with me that had ECT and she was having problems with memory but I really don't know how long it lasted.  ECT has improved over the years and I have heard some good things about it.  I can remember back in the 50's when my Dad had shock treatments at the VA Hospital and it took him a long time to get over them and was inpatient for quite awhile but I think it helped him in the long term.  

I would still be a little  hesitant myself but you know your body and mind and how bad the depression is affecting you.  Just a thought but have you seen more than one physcharist about  your Bipolar?  Also, I can remembering reading a thread from someone that was taking a medication to help drug resistant depression...I can't remember the name of the drug but I will try to find the thread.  Chances are you have already tried the drug but if not, it may be worth talking to your doctor about it.  Best of luck to you in whatever your decison is.
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The drug is named Symbyax.  Have you tried that one?
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nope not that im aware of.. ive been on that many different things that ive kind of lost track tho..! ill check it out.. thanks tones :D
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