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Should I have introduced myself first?

I am sorry I did not see a pl;ace for introductions, so here it is. Hello I am Ed and I am bipolar, ADD, PTSD and a recovering addict/alcoholic. Good to be here!
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Hi there Ed, and welcome to the forums!
You will find plenty of advice and support on these boards. My name is Victoria and I'm also bipolar, and a recovering addict/alcoholic. Glad to have you here!
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Hi Ed!  Welcome aboard!  My name is Linda.  I too am Bi Polar.  I also have diabetes and asthma.

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Thank you for the kind welcome. In short then, I have Bipolar dissorder type 2, Attention Defficit Dissorder, PTSD, and am in recovery. I also have sleep apnea and am a diabetic on metformin tablets...
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I am posting again so I can add this thread to the "watch list" I dont think I ever got notices that either of you responded I just happened to revisit my post... Hope all is well with you all! Peace, and Happy Easter!
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