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Son has bipolar I NOS possible psychotic

My son has been hospitalized six times for his illness. My son has a problem hearing voices...they are not saying anything to him he tells me. more like being in a noisy room...well lately he has be hearing some one screaming. He is scare to play video because the screaming problem becomes worse.

His doctor just put on Haldol and I'm scare about this pick of medication. My son currently is not on his ADHD because we are trying to get him stable.

My son was on risperidal but he started to grow breasts. I read that this med will do the samething.
I know the most important thing right now is to get rid of the voices but at what expense?
Please help me and my son.
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  Yes that side effect you are describing is caused by prolactin elevation. Thats temporary and generally not of concern and caused by all antipsychotics but each person responds differently to each medication. When a person is experiencing auditory hallucinations and psychotic thoughts generally an antipsychotic is what is prescribed to treat it. You can discuss all these concerns with his psychiatrist who can adjust or change his medication as needed which it appears they are doing.
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Thank you so much for the information.
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Risperal is know for breasts growing, and I even started to lactate. Yikes.  That was a deal breaker. I think (not 100% sure) all of the antipsychotics can do that but risperadol is the worst by far and away. So that is why he probably went with an older med. I have never heard of anyone having breast issues with Haldol so I think that side effect is a lot rarer. Mind you Haldol isn't used that much and usually not used long term anymore so that could be why I haven't encountered it. Most of the time I hear of Haldol being used in the hospital or shortly afterwards. I only know one person who uses it as a maintenance med.

The research is showing that the atypicals and typical psychotics have the same outcomes in regards to success of treatment though. Sorry I don't remember the source on that one - probably PubMed as that is where I find a lot of information. So that is good.  I do know that Haldol is quite often used in the hospital for psychosis and tends to bring people down pretty quick. I think it is considered one of the strongest antipsychotics.

I would ask the doctor if he is thinking this is a short or long term treatment, and why he hasn't considered other atypical antipsychotics. I know a lot of bipolar people on seroquel and lamotrigine and have never heard of one breast story from them for example. Although if he is hearing voices without mood swings, sounds a bit more like schizophrenia, or schizo-affective (bipolar + some of the aspects of schizophrenia).

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That's what I afraid of, schizo-affective. I really hope that isn't the case.
Everything he goes to the hospital, new diagnoses but always bipolar NOS.
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ive been on med called zeldox and i hear voices simlar thing to your son and it really helps me
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ive been on med called zeldox and i hear voices simlar thing to your son and it really helps me
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I will ask my son dr about this one... Thank you
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