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Started taking Latuda a week ago and wondering how long it takes to start working.

It’ giving me gut issues and was hoping that was going to stop soon too
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Hey there spider.  How is it going?!  So, latuda.  The first thing I can tell you is that you should communicate any side effects to your doctor.  They may work on dosing or he/she may have pointers for you.  You are taking this after a meal or snack?  Important to do so.  Common side effects do include stomach issues, unfortunately. Since there is a range of doses, do they start slow and titrate you up?  How long have you been taking it?  
Hi 8 days so far.  
So, my understanding is that some things take a bit of time.  Did your doctor give you a reference point for that?  I know so often they make adjustments in terms of dose.  Does taking it with food help at all?  
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I have been seeing ads about the negative results of Latuda and wonder why it's still on the market.  My 50-+ daughter was given the drug some years ago for bipolarism and now has Parkinson's or tardive dyskinesia - which is permanent!  Her hands shake uncontrollably and she can hardly walk for the weakness in her legs.
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