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Suspect teenage daughter has bipolar

I suspect my 16 year old has bipolar disorder. She stopped doing school work this year. She instead writes essays about how she's going to become the president, famous, etc. and lots of other topics not related to the things the teacher wants her to do. She also gets easily distracted in school and at home. She can talk about many different topics at once. She does get moody and argues but is always laughing and smiling otherwise. Even her teachers told me she is always laughing and smiling. She says all the time that she is very smart and smarter then everyone. This summer she talked about her idea to invent teleportation and some other innovative technologies. She said all of America will change the constitution so she could become president in 10 years. She had an argument with her dad took away her internet since she wasn't doing her school work. Then she asked to speak to me privately and not to tell dad what she said. She said dad is interfering with her plans to become the president. Then she later threw a fit at me because I didn't scold dad. Last year she got in trouble at school for talking about sex and wanting to become a prostitute.

My question is how do I get her help? She of course thinks nothing is wrong with her and there is something wrong with everyone else. I researched psychiatrists and there aren't many in my town. Most in my town don't have a single decent review, and those that do you have to wait a month for an appointment. If you don't want to wait a month you can drive 3 hours. I already had experience with psychiatrists and know unless the psychiatrist knows about bipolar they will just dismiss my daughter as a brat. This isn't something I want. I don't support taking away her internet. I know she is mainly anonymous online and doesn't reveal her identity. Right now she is not in the right state of mind and can say something she will regret later. I would rather her say it online anonymously instead of to her friends where she will be embarrassed about it later. She already told her friends she wants to become a prostitute and enjoys sex. I would rather her say this stuff online anonymously then in front of her friends so she doesn't ruin her reputation.
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If she is in what seems to be a manic state I hope you understand first that you must be sure that you can time out substance abuse.  Also this post is old now and I'm assuming you are having more problems now if she was manic because it intensifies and breaks into peaks sometimes especially the first episode and persons may become aggressive impulsive hyper_sensitive and recklessly start having sex with no care for consequences.  I hope you let us know that she got help amd you found out what she was struggling with.  Any psychoatrist should be able to help with this technically.  Even I will tell you that on paper yes she is at the roght age for it to be onset and also on paper she is certainly showing common symptoms of mania.  Good luck
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