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TRivia: How many songs deal with Some Mental Disorder




This is a bummer song but...

King of Darkness...
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Don't forget the old follow the bouncing ball.
Someone died of sewer-cide.

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I'll watch the Youtube links when I can
but I did a journal entry "Musicians with Disabilities"
and many songs have been written about the experience
but several that come to mind from people who experienced
it in reality.
Pink Floyd- "Jugband Blues" (schizophrenia, "I'm greatful for making it clear it to you that I'm not here")
Kristin Hersh-"Your Ghost" (depression)
The Cure-"The Drowning Man" (depression)
Jimi Hendrix- "Manic Depression" (some people believe that he was diagnosed
at some point)
Nirvana "Lithium" (may have come from personal experience)
I'd have to skip the musicians who commented on it offhand as many musicians sing of "madness" without knowing a thing about it. Anyway, people could update this with musicians more within other generations though less people disclosed then.
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There's quite a few Pink Floyd songs for that matter that deal with mental illness.

Bad Habit by The Dresden Dolls is about cutting which I like how the piano playing becomes more erratic as the song goes on to symbolize how the person is falling apart.  In one measure they even bash their hands on the keyboard.
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Talking about Pink Floyd. All their songs are depressing to me. They really put you into a really bad mood.

I was watching VH1. Didn't Syd Barrett dropped out of the band because his mental health deteroriating. It appears the band was haunted by this and it reflects in their music.
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Yes he was a founder of the band and dropped out of it because of schizophrenia which was exascerbated by substance abuse. Chances are good if he hadn't gotten into illegal drugs he might have been okay. Not sure. He did record a couple of solo albums after that which were very brilliant and disjointed. The band might have gone more places musically if he had remained in it. Even after he stopped recording  he continued to do artwork. He is a fascinating figure. Equally good is the singer Nick Drake who had depression. I know that before recovery when I was in the psych. hospital (for a short stay) that some people enjoyed his music and played it there. Not cheerful stuff but excellent ballads. You might have heard the song "Pink Moon" as that was on a Volkswagen ad. And a modern update is the singer Elliott Smith. People say bipolar inspires musical creativity but depression can too. When one has any intense emotions it can be reflected musically.
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I think that just about anything can inspire music actually if one leaves their mind open to things.
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I think creative people are just highly sensitive people.
Being highly sensitive means your more vulnerable to mental illness?

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I think people with mental illness end up utilizing their brains in a different way from "normal" people which causes them to approach life from a different angle.
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Wesley Willis was Schizophrenic and he was a musician who made songs about things like Superman's *** and stuff.
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Yes his music is awesome but a bit strange lol. Unfortunately because he cycled on and off treatment it impacted on his life and he passed on. As for that genre of "outsider music" you might be interested in Daniel Johnston who is diagnosed with bipolar and does well as long as he remains in treatment but his episodes when he doesn't unfortunately make people label him with condescending terms that make it hard for the rest of us to escape that kind of stigma. When they stop using terms like "mad genius" it will best for all of us. Not quite there yet but some musicians have disclosed in a positive manner.
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Daniel Johnston probably wouldn't ever of gotten thus much publicity if it weren't for the film about his mental illness. I get a kick out of his childlike melodies and lyrics but I think people have a right to think he's not on the same level as most other musical geniuses - many who are also very likely BP. Most of us on here and otherwise are not as far out as Daniel.
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They're Coming to Take Me Away! By Napoleon Bonaparte or Don't Fear The Reaper by BlueoysterCult
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This is sort of off topic but I found from personal experience if you have a lot of charisma and a really stigmatized mental illness your charisma sort of overcomes the stigma although not always entirely but because people just like you that much.  There's still the people out there though who don't believe it exists to begin with.
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I beleive this song is about bipolar
certainly sounds like it
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