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The Beauty of Bipolar

I was answering a post, & I thought of this phrase. Beauty of Bipolar. Yes,some of my crisis times have felt unbelievably unbearable. But, like the pain of Childbirth,if our minds were not able to later minimize that pain,no woman would ever give birth after her first experience.
So,the mind minimized the time when I lost the ability to speak. The second time,i had no fear. My brain minimized the pain of utter despair I've felt & confusion as I spun out of my own defenses into a realm of the unknown.
Now,as I tell of that wild swing,I'm only relating a story,like what I did on my vacation. Pamela
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This reminds me of the book by Patty Duke, "A Brilliant Madness." There is creativity, coping skills, open mindedness, empathy, and many things I have learned from the Beauty of Bipolar. As I work toward balance, I have had a great deal of fear that I may lose the 'good' parts of me too. I am changed forever from those experiences, so I am seeing that I don't have to give up the good with the bad. I can't deny I miss the intense passion and enthusiasm of mania at times, but I reflect upon the disabling moments and know that I have to take those lessons and find a new venue for them. I have those things to draw upon, even if I don't go into those disturbing and ecstatic states ever again. I'm liking myself more each day. I can finally say that I am glad to have had those experiences and never want to go there again.
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Brilliant Madness by Patty Duke. I'll get it.
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It's a good book,,one of the first I read after my diagnosis.
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another great book and much more current(2011) is a memoir by Margaret Trudeau former wife of a Canadian Prime Minister "Changing My Mind"
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Thank you. I think the more we can learn about the disorder the better & smarter we can support each other. Pamela
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I had an experience that I'd never had , but for my Bipolar. I was manic & running away, but still attending Sat & Wed group. A man from group had a pace maker installed & just got out of hospital. He was super manic at the time too. I called my husband & asked him to call this guy, get directions & pick him up. Then bring come over to other house & pick me up. Drive us both to support group sat am meeting. So Don did it. When the guy ( he's 69 yrs old got over to the other house, he was so grateful. He said that was one of the nicest things anyone had ever done for him in his entire life. He knew everyone there, so I got a gal to offer him a lift home. After the meeting they all went out for lunch.    So I went to Salvation Army cuz my washer had broken down, & it was 1//2 price days plus they had a washer newer than my broken one. Instant Karma.  Good things happen. Life doesn't stop because of stupid Bipolar.   Pamela.
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That was a lovely thing you did for this man and also you're husband for picking him up, I hope you and the man that you gave a lift to the meeting get better soon,I don't know a lot about bipolar but I do know a lot about depression as I have been suffering from this for the last three years I know bipolar is not the same but I do have very dark days (as I call them) but not many people understand what I go through.I just would like to let you know it was a lovely thing you did and wish you and you're husband a very merry Christmas and hope you feel able to cope ok tc lv AC xxx
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but I am just starting treatment.  My bipolar (that's what I'm learning I have) scared me bad enough that I want help.  I am 60, almost 61, and am surprised I have survived this long on my own.  For a lot of years, I just didn't have health insurance, so when I got it, I began talking to my doctors about things.  After having what they called panic attacks (I call them night terrors since they come out of nowhere) at night, where I would be fine when I first got in bed, then it would hit like, I can't describe it any other way then fear, but of nothing in particular, just a horrible fear.  So afraid I couldn't reach to my nightstand at times to get my earbuds for some music.  And true, I was panicked, like omg, how do I get out of this horrible fear:(

Well, I am hopeful now, and not only have my regular doctor but a psychiatrist for the first time in my life.  Would you believe he looks like a young sigmund freud, LOL!  I so believe in God and for years, I heard different christians frown on meds, but I tell you with not one doubt, God opened doors for me to meet and get help from these docs.

I hope I meet some of you, I would like to be around others that understand. denise in Oregon
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So happy that finally got to get help. Good Luck to you
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