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Too many Meds ?

My psychiatrist has had me on Lexapro 10mgs & Xanax 1mgs as needed for quite a while now.
However I have been in a deep depression for a while now and she’s added Topamax, Wellbutrin XL to the above ... I’m concerned that is a lot and not sure if I want to add all that to the mix ... any feedback?
I have not been diagnosed as Bipolar but seems like that is where we are ?
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My mom is bipolar, and so first off don't stop treatment if you feel dad is correct. The condition can overtake you and once you let it. Then it is hard to want to get help again.

However now a days many doctors are quick to prescribe multiple medications. They are also quick to dxs. I would say if you feel your doctor is not helping and not listening to your desires, then seek a second opinion. Look up alternative treatments and discuss these with your provider.

I had to do this myself I was did at age 14 with bipolar because of the history. They had me on two meds but I felt like a zombie. By age 16 I asked my mom to help me find a new doctor. This one said it was depression. I told them I didn't want meds I wanted to learn to cope. They assist me with different skills and today I am happy to say I am on no pills and feel good.

Take your Behavioral health into your own hands.Seek help but make your concerns known discuss alternatives, and find someone who will listen.
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