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Took too much Tenex? Need help ASAP

I used to be on Tenex for ADD but it made me feel horrible so I stopped taking it. An hour ago I accidentally took 3mg because they're the same size and shape as another prescription I'm taking and I could have sworn I'd taken the bottle out of my purse.

I know this is a drug you're supposed to start slowly on and work your way up and I just took 3 of my 1mg pills out of the blue.

I'm already feeling dizzy, but I'm at work and don't want to leave unless it's necessary.

Do you know the affects this might have on me? Before they caused me to be dizzy, a bit nauseous, caused horrible dry mouth and made me feel so weak walking across a room was absolutely exhausting.  

Can anyone help?
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Call your dr or poison control.
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