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Trance like State caused by Silent BPD, Bipolar 2 and OLD

Hello I’m M 18, I wish I had more information to give about my childhood and more. To reference if this happened then too or just now.

Background Info
Last Sunday, my wife had a friend over I’ll just call E. So we have been also basically calling everyday for the past two years. We are also part of a poly and my husbands are my FPs well two of them. That day was one I couldn’t talk to them on.

Recently in the past few months my emotions have began getting a so radical and overwhelming at times. I almost have been in a state of Hypomania for over 2 years now. On that Sunday it began ok but started getting worse as my brain couldn't stop spiralling about the thought of my husbands and how much it made me hate E. I started rocking back and forth trying not to try. While every emotion I have is imploding and 85% most people can’t tell if I’m not truly ok. Next I remember getting really hot and everything beginning to slow down and my whole body is cold. Shaking intensely as I basically lose consciousness partially. I remember a somewhat of a room with a chair and a little girl sitting on her knees on the ground screaming crying for help. That is my inner child, I saw their still alive but then I remembered how to see somewhat. Like almost seeing through cups. Punching and smacking myself repeatedly in real life repeating the saying “I hate her, I hate her.” Referring to E but I don’t think I actually hate but she was just in a unfortunate event. It took about 30-40 minutes I believe so until I came out of this. Please any thought and how I should proceed?
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