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Unsubscribed klonopin helping hypomania?

I have a history of abusing, well, everything to try and self-medicate. My med regimen  (in my profile) has kept me stable, for the most part, but I've been doubting my happiness and symptom relief with it lately. So, I bought some klonopins because I do have some drug knowledge and figured it would help me sleep and even help my social anxiety. I've been taking 2mg 1x/day and it has made me happier, more sociable, and has even helped me sleep where the 40mg of Ambien has not been able to help me with. I feel alive again. I have not been popping them like candy, but rather I've been experimenting with it because my psychiatrist would rip me a new one if I told her any of this. I know benzos are usually off limits for addicts, but I've been keeping an eye on myself. Should I discuss this with my prescriber? Is this a good idea concerning the other meds I'm taking? Any other ideas for meds so I can feel alive the way I do when I take the clonazepam?
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You need to talk to your prescriber. They need to know all the medications you are on. Even if she rips you a new one. Benzo's are very addicting and can only be used for short periods of time. If you were stable for the most part without them - why tempt fate? Getting black market drugs is dangerous. You never really know what is in them.

Medications can really suck. Sometimes they leave us a little 'flat' but crasy is worse. Far worse. And if you get addicted to Benzo's you just may end up back in crasy town.
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thank you for your advice. i guess that we all can't be in a good mood all the time, and I've been having a hard time accepting that lately. being flat is better than being dead. i wish i wasn't an addict.
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