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Vvyanse - Attention/ Concentration

Because I'm on 200mg of Topamax to keep my moods under control my brain has slowed down considerably. My doctor wants to put me on this brand new medication called Vvyanse. It's not avaiable here yet so I have to keep waiting for it.

Anyone tried it out?
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I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was 9 years old.  Currently I am on Adderall, because Vyvanse was too expensive when I didn't have insurance.  I took 60 mg of Vyvanse for three to four months, back in mid-2009; it was absolutely amazing.  It was very smooth, it lasted around the 12-14 hours my Psychiatrist said it would, and I did not give me any side effects.  I would highly recommend Vyvanse to anyone who needs a ADHD/ADD medication.  I can only wish you the best experience with this medication once it is available by you.

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I've serve three combat tours throughout the Middle East and Southeast Asia. My experiences deployed left me with heightened anxiety, irritability, and anger.  I started taking Vyvanse two years ago. I am skeptical of putting drugs in my body so I split the dosage in half; 20mg once a day.  Within an hour I found myself to be in a much improved control over myself and I was able to concentrate and think clearly.  I didn't clinch my teeth hardly at all and my wife shared my mood was substantially more positive and my outlook more optimistic.  I heard vyvanse is used for ADHD and ADD but the drug, even at 20mg (lasting 8-10hours) has positive impacts on the psycho-social arena. I know of other veterans who the VA put on psycho meds and its tearing up their lifes and the meds they are taking have horrific side effects such as obesity and loss of sight and risk of heart failure....way to go VA...

Has any heard if Vyvanse is going to make its permanent footprint for PTSD?  Its sure helping me.  Granted, I did not go to the VA. I went to a private behavioral and mental health professional.
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