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Wellbutrin and sweeteners

I've done a few personal experiments with the 300 mg of generic Wellbutrin XL I've been taking. I've noticed 3 things while on this medication:

If I ingest a packet of aspertame (Sweet 'N' Low), I am extremely angry with others.
If I ingest a spoonful of sugar, I have suicidal thoughts.
If I ingest a packet of Splenda, nothing happens -- my mood is the same.

I have heard of people getting angry or suicidal while on this medication, but I've never heard of an explanation why. I figure that this explanation is as good as any, and I wonder if other people have experienced the same thing I have. And I'm sticking with Splenda for the time being.
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I've noticed that Sweet 'N' Low is saccharin and Equal is aspartame. So, no word on aspartame yet. I will try it on a day off, though. Saccharin is the one that makes me angry.

I've also lately tried corn syrup, and it puts me to sleep. I've heard that other people who are allergic to corn actually have ADHD-ish symptoms for a while, but it does the opposite for me.

Finally, I've noticed that Splenda has something on written on the package that Sweet 'N' Low doesn't have -- "Suitable for people with diabetes." I found that interesting, as I've had hypoglycemic symptoms, even though my blood sugar is technically normal.
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