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What can i do?

I am trying to figure out ways to channel my mania so i dont spend too much money.Its driving me crazy. I know how to make a budget trouble is i cant follow it. Im seeing a new psychiatrist next month. However the intake specialist helped me to see alot of things about myself i never realized. Like i shop amazon every week. Also i had a nervous breakdown 8 months ago and didnt realize it. I was out of work for 6 of those months. I also found out I have PTSD,ADD,OCD, and im a hoarder. It has been suggest that I talk to a CBT Therapist (because i have alot of behaviours i didnt realize that need to be addressed),a talk therapist,and a psychiatrist.And also found out my meds are not working for me so need a change. Im kinda scared because i dont want to get put in a hospital because its usually suggested after i talk to someone.
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Good Morning,

My mom is bipolar and been dxs since she was 15. I know when the manic stages do come on she has learned to channel them into the good things in life. She loves her birds and taking care of them, she loves gardening so she does alot of that. When I was younger she would channel that mania into doing stuff with us. You have to find stuff you love that doesnt cost anything and that wont put you in a bad position.

As for having so many disorders my family has many mental disorders throughout. What I have noticed is some of these stem from trauma or other life events, and you if you can work through those then you will be able to work through the conditions they say you have. I truly wouldnt get on any meds without making sure you understand why they want to put you on them and what they will help with. I know recently studies are starting to reveal that the antidepressants that they use to use for Bipolar patients made them worse in the long run.

You need to really make sure the doctors you go to are who you feel comfortable with and that they understand your needs. I hope this helps.

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Gosh, sorry to hear you are going through this.  But glad you are working with a psychiatrist.  It often takes some trial and error to get the right dosage or choice in medication.  So, keep at that because it can make a world of difference.  CBT would be excellent!  Behavior modification is essential especially with compulsive spending and hoarding.  While you sort out treatment, I would suggest avoiding triggers.  Example . . .  Target is someplace in which I could spend a million dollars (I'm a classy chick, right?) because they have something for everything.  My house, kids, me, etc.  Well, if I'm not thinking I have money to spend . . .  I just don't go there.  If I need shampoo . . .  I'll go somewhere less enticing to get it.  OR if I do go there, I have a specific list and stick to it.  And maybe you could go to a trigger place if you HAVE to go there when you must be somewhere at a specific time so you only have 15 or 20 minutes to get in and out.  Look for what your shopping triggers are.  It has a high associated with it.  We might need that high when we are bored, stressed, sad.  If you know what the trigger is, you can know how you've been 'medicating' or soothing yourself (the shopping) and feel more in control of it.  Switch it to a different activity such as exercising, gardening, calling a friend.  If you online shop, stay off your computer.  Close your paypal account.

But mostly, you need to continue address the disorder of OCD and bipolar through your psychiatrist and therapist.  This is really the road to recovery.  Let me know how you are doing and stay in touch!
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