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What have you replaced escape behavior with?

One of the affects of BP, BPD and some others is that we often use an 'escape behavior' either in a manic or depressed state of mind.  Behaviors such as drug/alcohol abuse, spending sprees, inappropriate relationships/actions.

I'm being told that you have to find/do postive daily actions that are not the positive feelings/thoughts you may get from an escape behavior or something associated with it.  Of course, like giving up smoking, you rarely just stop.  Most likely you stop by finding a substitute that helps you to fill that need/void.

I would be curious if anyone wants to weigh in, what have you used as substitutes to wean yourself away from am escape behavior?  Has it been successful long term?
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I still smoke cigs. Its my only bad habit left I have. I know it is a poor way to deal with the stressers in my life. I quit for a while then when we go back on overtime I seem to start up again to keep my temper and irritability in  check that surfaces when I get overtired.
I am pretty stable on my meds. Nothing like i used to be and when I am well rested I can keep my mini manics in check. But when I get tired all the old manic stuff bubbles up so I go smoke.
Love venora
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Well.  My meds make it nearly impossible to drink unless you feel like standing at a toilet and p*ssing constantly while drinking so that ended my drinking problem.  I needed to quit anyway because it kept upsetting someone I care about.
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Mostly writing or emailing on some issue that concerns me and I don't believe I am alone in this as many letters to the local newspapers where I live seem like someone using them as a sounding board for their own issues. I don't ever write in that fashion and always carefully think over what I write on and how it would seem to other people and I've progressed far beyond the local media but to be honest I can't say the urge originally didn't come from the same place and perhaps to a minor extent still does.
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Not having any money cure my spending sprees. Getting older and less attractive helped relieve me of inappropriate sexual relationships, and drugs cost money too.
Sorry, I guess I have no practical advice on this after all.
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