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What is a manic episode

I was told by former pychiatrist that what I thought were episodes and are not and it was because I didnot know how to deal with my boyfriend.
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A manic episode is a clearly defined state where a person's thinking process and judgment are speeded up and not rational. It occurs from over activity in the emotional part of the brain (the limbic system). Having experienced mania, before my current recovery, I know the basics feelings of euphoria and elation (an excess amount of happinness, that is not logical as a response to what is happenning) as well as a loss of clear judgment and logic. There are many other aspects to a manic episode such as rapid cycling (a rapid change from manic to depressed) and mixed states (episodes with some aspects of depression and some of mania, such as an agitated mixed state which seems like constant anger). If you want clinically accurate but consumer friendly information go to the welcome page and there are some helpful links there. Your psychiatrist might have been wrong or right depending. If you only experienced these episodes when you were with your boyfriend that is one thing. On the other hand, a person with bipolar can have difficulty dealing with other people, especially people who create emotional trigger points. The best thing to do is keep a mood tracker here and see what you find and bring that to the psychiatrist you see now so they can make a more conclusive judgment.
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Thanks I experienced a few of these symptoms from May to July 2009 till I was put on an AP by my Pdoc.Now I am better and back on track and on my way to having my AP tapered by my Pdoc.I am being maintained on my mood stabilizer Tegretol which I have been taking since the past 8 years.
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