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What medication combo do you take?

What medication(s) do you take for your bipolar? I'm thinking about calling my MD and asking to be taken off lamictal and put on something different. Tell me how it's working for you. What other meds have you tried and why did you stop taking it?

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Everyone seems to do well on a different variety of meds, so you never know if one thing will work for you just because it works for someone else.  I just started abilify and I am starting to feel so much better.  I was taking lamictal and it didn't seem to be helping, possibly making things worse, so the doc added abilify.  He said to wait a couple of weeks and he might take me off the lamictal.  I have also tried rozerem for sleep problems (withought much luck) and today he put me on what he described as the "dreaded ambien."  I'm scared to take it though.  Good luck!
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jesus ive been on loads of pills for this and still havent found the right thing so im prozac now i cant say it does alot at all if anything . i was on effexor for many years damn that stuff messed me up real bad. lamictal  did nothing. rozerem sill sleepless for a long time. it all depends on the person. good luck on finding your combo.
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I'm currently on Lamictal (a couple of months) and so far it is helping.  I was also on seroquel and depakote a short time ago, but both had such side effects (extreme weight gain, hair loss) that I stopped those.  Several years ago Prozac made me suicidal, and I was on effexor for a couple of years but that zonked me out like a zombie, I was so fatigued and also weight gain - so I finally got off that.  I took a Wellbutrin/Lexapro combination for several years and that was great, but then it stopped working for me.  Everyone reacts differently to all the meds and that's what makes treatment so frustrating.  Good luck to you.
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I was allergic to lamictal, wellbutrin worked wonders for me, and worked even better when i added topamax to it.
Good luck and make sure you check your blood levels regularly to keep your liver and kidneys safe, all these meds can potentially be damaging on the long run but as long as you monitor your treatment you should be fine,
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So, most of these meds don't work for your lifetime? I'm wondering if doses have to be increased. I took prozac and I too was suicidal and homicidal (all thoughts-very aggitated). Wellbutrin made me break out all over my arms and belly. I loved lexapro, but it made me twitch and have muscle spasms.

Thanks for all the replies.

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I take Lithium 300mg, Lamictal 100mg and Lexapro 10mg twice a day.  
I've been on ALL type but for the last few years this combo has helped.

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I've been stuck on the same medication for years because every time I try a new medication, it freaks me out or has wierd side affects.  I really am a poor example.  I've been taking Lithium 300mg, Paxil 40, and Clonezepam .10 mg a day forever (the past 8 years at least) . . . I know other medications would be more affective but it's so hard to change as medications like Paxil and Clonezepam are addictive in your system and you feel the affects when you quit taking them . . . it has to be very gradual.
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Cymbalta, Seroquel, Trazadone
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   I have been on almost all the drugs here in this session.  I am currently taking the old lamictal, trileptal combo, but will have to switch to something else as my perscription limit has run out and it costs around $500 a month for these two.  I will probably switch to lithium, depakote as it is cheap and works good for me.  The only draw back that really bothers me is the lithium level has to be watched close otherwise it will really shut you down, and I have been treated for lithium toxicity wich is not much fun.  The toxicity happened when we were trying to use it to get me to sleep better.

Good luck
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Lamictal has a generic now. It was costing me a lot too. I was paying around $200 for a 3 month supply (25mg twice a day), but now it costs $10 for 3 months. The only thing is tho, I have the chewable kind....I can't stand chewing it, so I swallow it whole, which is says you can do that....and I get headaches sometimes from it...but I'm thinking the headaches will eventually go away....Still has the same amount of effectiveness for me. My body is so sensitive to a lot of the medications because I also have an autoimmune disease.

Best wishes.

Thank you everyone for your responses. I didn't know what kinds of meds were out there. I may be doing a switch also. Or addition.

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I take lamictal, lithium, and paxil.
I've taken everything under the sun over the last ten years. I am pretty satisfied with my mental state at the moment and have only cycled (I am rapid cycling, and used to cycle 3-5 times a day) a couple of times in the year and a half I've been on this combo.

My main complaint is the lithium...it has killed my creativity. I used to be an artist...but I had to sacrifice that side of my life if I wanted to stay alive. I cannot remember anything anymore, and FORGET reading a map or doing a crossword puzzle, hah!
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When you say you are going to talk to your MD, do you mean psychiatrist? I hope so. Before I was diagnosed as BiPolar II, my internist prescribed Zoloft, just like it was candy. This set off a long period of what I later learned was ultra-rapid cycling. I lost a job I had for 14 years, then 2 more jobs...anyways, my point is that get the right med cocktail is an art and science and you must work with a psychiatrist experienced with your disorder.
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