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Wondering what I am ..

I may need some medication and am not sure if I should see a PhD psychologist or an MD.  Can a PhD psychologist prescribe meds?  Do they have to work with an MD? Should I just see an MD first?

I am on high-deductible insurance and will be paying out of pocket for any expenses so I have to make sure that I do the right thing.  Don't have the funds to bounce around different doctors.

I'm not sure what my problem could be called but my boyfriend thinks I need some help, not that he is any genius.  I am not a classic bi-polar from what I've read but I sometimes react badly to things that happen. I don't just have crazy moods all of a sudden out of the blue but sometimes cannot cope with things that happen in life.  I have always been told I am "too sensitive".  

I'm really concerned about having to take medicine - the cost and side effects - but something has to change.

Thanks for any answers you may have.

Texas Woman

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If you're interested in medication, you need to see a psychiatrist. That is a MD that specializes in psychiatry and medication management.

If you're interested in therapy, you're interested in seeing someone that is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC). Psychologists, therapists, social workers, and counselors can all have that license if they so choose. However, none of them can prescribe medication. If you want both therapy and meds, then it's best to have a psychiatrist and an LPC who are willing to work together to get you balanced mentally.

It's also good to have a support group for whatever diagnosis that your doctors give you, but this can wait until after you know what your problem is.

Finally, and this is based on my own subjective research and experience, but having the right foods and exercise can work just as well as medications and therapy. If you have all four together, you're unstoppable.  I'd add a nutritionist to the team -- or I would read books and find web sites about diets that work for people who have the same diagnosis as you will get.

Keep me updated!
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If expense is an issue then you should definitly check out your local state run treatment center, as most of these operate on a sliding scale and can be found to be affordable ( sometimes even free ) they not only have a psychiatrist to evaluate you and decide ( with your help ) what if any meds to prescribe, they also have counselers that you can see on a regular basis to include talk therapy and emotional needs. I definitly think that you should see someone, especially if you are reacting in a negative way to the people you love because of irratiblity or other emotional issues. sometimes people do not think of mental issues with the same clarity that they use to think of other health problems. if you had high blood pressure you would seek medical help and take a prescribed medicine wouldn' t you. Well this is the same thing and sometimes we do not see how bad we feel until we actually feel better. But I also agree with geekchic9 because diet and exercise can also play a huge role in maintaining a healthy balance. Good luck with what ever you choose. Keep us posted
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