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You probably won't like this, we shall see

I believe we are seeing this huge TREND in Bipolar diagnosis these days.  I would say in the last 10 years.  People are being improperly diagnosed and it's sad to think people are on medications that could potentially harm them.  In the 90's it was ADD or ADHD.  Did you know that Zyprexa kills 1 in 125 people?  Wow!  That is astonishing to me.  The fact that the FDA knew about this and approved it, is horrible to say the least.  2 million people a year get prescribed that drug, including children.
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The question is:  Is it a trend or is it just better awareness?
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I take zyprexa and it is a life saver for me. You do gain weight but I have lost 46 pounds by eating 6 small meals a day.
the weight gain is what kills you not the zyprexa. I intend to take for as long as it works for me.
Just my 2 cents
Love Venora
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I agree with you both. I think a lot of drs who are not in the mental health field are diagnosing people when they actually are not capable. I also believe that BP is a lot more prevalent than was earlier believed. What worries me is drs putting young kids on these heavy duty meds at such a young age.
As for 1 death in 125, what would be the suicide rate if not treated?? Also, these newer meds, especially the newer antipsychotics carry side effects that are, in some ways, worse than the older, typical anti psychs. One the newer ones I developed prediabetes and psuedo parkinsonism. I was on Navane years ago and had no side effects.
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It depends whether the people were misdiagnosed or more people are seeking mental health care. If its the latter that's positive. More antipsychotics are used as mood stabilizers but that's because the atypical antipsychotics have a mood stabilization effect. Yes they have their own set of side effects short term and long term as do any medication but the same company that made Zyprexa is researching a new generation antipsychotic (you can google "psychmeds123" for all psychiatric medications in development or the name "LY2140023" as it doesn't have a product name yet) so I would think they are doing the right thing. It is frustrating to find a medication that is completely safe and effective and no medication ever will be so 100% but I believe they are heading in the right direction. Zyprexa and Seroquel had a good mood stabilization effect when I took them and Clozaril did not require an adjunct mood stabilizer at all so I can say they were helpful. And there are better things in the works...
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overpopulation, and too much caffeine..that's not even counting some of the street drugs.
I'd say more are bipolar, more are aware, and some docs have no idea what they are doing...Historically with medical research done on men, we know they are just learning about women...Is it hormones? or manic/depression?

Are we sick or just uncontrollable?  Deep question, so many possible answers...
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I think its a combo of things most are positive. In the past only the serverly affected were picked up, lots of BP2 and the milder versions did not seek help because of stigma and were not diagnosed properly when they did, medical advancements and better understanding is also contributing, not so positive more people died from suicide or turned to drugs and alcohol to manage the sysmptoms. I know also giving children medication seems harsh and completely unsuitable but until you have had a child suffer from suicidal thoughts, hullucinations and general overwelming emotional distress its hard one to answer, I think you have to hope that the doctors involved and the parents make the right choice. Thats my opinion anyway
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well just speaking for myself...
I, as a woman, am sick AND uncontrollable!!!!! Hee Hee!

I do agree w/ Bastet in its not a great idea to be medicating children w/ these drugs. Same as ADD/ADHD I feel that there are better ways to go about it w/ young children than hardcore prescriptions. My children don't have ADD/ADHD, but I do know children w/ autism who are on natural remedies that seem to help their behaviors. Anyway, it may also be people not being so afraid of "coming out" with their mental illness. I have been trying for years and years to get my parents to notice something wasn't right, finally at 28 (almost 29 on Friday!) I've finally found the strength to MAKE them see what they missed. But truly, some doctors are overdiagnosing, for me, I have had 3 major manic-depressive episodes recorded by medical professionals. Thats enough for them to know that I'm BP. BUT, my cousin was diagnosed as a young teenage girl w/ BP around the same time as I first was, but her diagnosis in fact WAS a mis-diagnosis. SO...interesting question you have brought up shanell!

As for medications, the less medication the better. My pdoc is aware of my complete disgust for her meds! She works with me. I talk w/ her frequently through e-mails to make sure my mind is healthy since I will only do one medication. If just this one medication does not do the trick then I will add another possibly, but more likely I will look into adding natural things under her supervision. She'll probably look at me sideways...but it's worth a shot!

So there's my rambling for the day I guess, sorry, haven't been on in awhile and I really liked the title to this question!!
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Its better ways now too find out about bipolar. Bipolar today is not just manic depression, 1, 2, 2½, 3 or 4. Its over all the complex depressions. So the statistics says that 10% are suffering of depression in society and 4% of them got a complex depression or bipolar. Its the same complex depression and bipolar .

Myself has suffered of bipolar II since I was 10 and now Im soon 40. The calmness in my mind is worth the meds.
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i agree. when i try to talk about being bipolar it seems like everyone else claims to have it. or wants it! i hate that
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blacksoul004 I know what you mean!!! Drives me nuttier than I already am.  Why would anyone "want" this that's what I don't understand.  I think that sadly there are some folk who act badly who then pretend they have BP because it's a cover up for their behaviour.
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  There are many FDA approved mood stabilizers out there. Psychiatrists do feel the same way about side effects. They didn't invent the medications and they'd rather have medications that are safer and easier to tolerate. As I stated that is being addressed as newer treatments come out and are researched. However, that one list we have has all FDA approved medications that are used off label as mood stabilizer. You could discuss that with your psychiatrist.
   The difficulty with natural remedies is that they are unregulated. In Europe its much because they are given as prescriptions. It acceptable if you take something if its under your psychiatrist's supervision but they are something to be wary of as they are completely unregulated. Every medication that I got on that was unknown, including the experimental treatment I am on now I advocated to get on by bringing information to my providers. I wouldn't suggest a particular treatment nor would I suggest trying experimental medications but as new medications are approved or approved medications used off label as mood stabilizers it does make sense to bring clinically valid information to your providers if you can't tolerate or haven't responded to what's out there but of course the decision is ultimately there's which is true for me as well.
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There have been assertions of a 37% increase in BP incidence.
Links have been made to older parents creating vulnerable offspring (Radford-Nov 08)

ALL mood stabilisers and anti-psychotics carry side effect risk.
It is the task of the doctor prescribing medications to maximise effect with minimal dosage and side effect.
This is very complex and this is why we seek their assistance.

I (like you) have a problem with natural remedies because they are not supported by proper clinical and scientific study.
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