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ZYPREXA law suit

Lately I've seen adds being run on TV can't remember if its on our Canadian channels or the American ones.(?)
Its about a 'class action' Law suit for anyone whose been affected by Zyprexa...with diabetic, hypoglycemia or even death....to get in touch with this law firm.
Are these side effects common? Has Zyprexa been taken OFF the market????
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Zyprexa is still on the market. There was just a concern at the time that the company under reported the rate at which it causes diabetes. That issue has been addressed. All atypical antipsychotics can cause diabetes, Zyprexa being the one with the greatest potential. The reason that sometimes typical antipsychotics (such as Haldol) are still used (although they have twice the rate of causing tardive and don't help on cognitive and negative symptoms and really don't have much of a mood stabilization effect) is because they are far less likely to cause diabetes. It should be noted the NMDA receptor modulates antipsychotics which are in Phase II FDA study will cause neither side effect and the company developed  Zyprexa is researching a medication in that class. Its good to know the short term and long term side effect profile of any medications but the lawsuits that are on television or other places tend to overstate long term side effects for their potential gain. The medication website as well as full prescription information of any medication has the full side effect profile (by FDA law) including adverse side effects (ones that are clinically rare) and that's the best way to learn the exact facts.
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america....NO but if you are diabetic Metformin is great to keep the weight loss and sugars down...also if you aren't diabetic you should be screened fro it every 4-6months these are legit side effects
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The diabetes stuff ILADV. mentioned is definitely correct, but there was also another really troubling problem a few years back with Zyprexa. Eli Lilly, the pharmaceutical company that manufactures it, was discovered illegally marketing Zyprexa as a treatment for dementia in elderly patients. The risk of death was significantly increased in these populations, and the company knew the risks definitely did not outweigh the benefits, and the drug wasn't effective in these populations.

While doctors are allowed to prescribe any drug for off-label use, it is ILLEGAL for pharma companies to promote a drug for anything other than what it has been approved by the FDA to treat. Eli Lilly was found guilty of doing this.

But hey, it's alright. If you develop diabetes from taking Zyprexa, you can just take Humilin, Eli Lilly's biosynthetic insulin approved for use in type I and II diabetes...

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The FDA has taken further steps to address this type of concerns. By FDA law all adverse side effects must be reported. Once they obtain that information they can require Phase 4 studies which can determine how a medication can be used and when. That was how they specifically noted the concerns about antipsychotics not being appropriate for people with dementia. Its essential to differentiate between a short term side effect, a long term side effect and an adverse side effect which may be so clinically rare that it only happened to a few people. The adverse side effects I acquired were reported and noted in such a manner. The best thing to do is read the prescription information and medication website and have an informed conversation with your psychiatrist and any changes either mental or physical should always be reported to them so they can determine what the cause is and how to address it.
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The diabetes is pretty common, serious weight gain is a given - death is really rare. Part of the reason it stays on the market is because it works for psychosis so dang well. It is the only drug I have ever been on that can quiet my brain. It is such a nice feeling. I really miss that feeling. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately considering the side effects) it spikes my cholesterol and I can't take it anymore. I take Zelox which helps some. It works about 50% of what Ziprexa did. If it wasn't for the immediate danger of sky high trygiclerides I'd still be taking it. Diabetes risk and all.

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