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I was just perscribed zoloft for my bp is this a good thing or a bad let me know what you think
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I'm not trying to scare u and I'm not trying to post stuff negative I know I'm support to help people by ive seen commercials about Zoloft that are not that great but idk how it would effect u I mean I'm not really sure most meds effect people in many different ways I would try getting something else
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I would have to wait until next month for that I only see him once a month and I dont know if I should just not take it or see what happens
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hi ,
     from my experiences with anti depressants they seem to take 4-6 weeks to start working and i had a few side effects , but for some people from what i've heard they can send them manic , and i'm actually in the same boat at the moment with zoloft 100mg i been on for close to 2 months now along with seroquel xr 600mg but my psychiatrist has cut the zoloft down to 50 mg because of the mania i've been experiencing the last week or so , just keep in mind though that meds effect everyone different . If you have any problems with zoloft be sure to tell your doctor . good luck .
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Yea they have me on 50mg of zoloft and I have been doin some research myself and everythin I have read is the same thing you had said but my doctor wont do anythin until I go see him the 4th of December so I am stuck until then
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It can cause people with bipolar to go manic. If you are not on a mood stabilizer too I would suggest you get on one. Most doctors wont even prescribe an antidepressant without one for people who are bipolar.
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They put me on celexa and I haven't taken it because I am scared to but if you are scared to take it see if he can change it to celexa or something .. Not Zoloft or paxel..
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