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adhd or bipolar

We have been told that my grandson,6 yrs old, has adhd and bipolar. But I think this is wrong. His mood swings are hourly and he really is overly aggressive,mean, and nasty. This I thought was a "crash". Tell me what I can do to help my daughter and grandson. I am not his parents but I have reserach alot and I don't see these symtoms. Once his class he was growling and climbing on tables an such. What is that?
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There are lots of reasons why kids misbehave, but I am curious who gave the ADHD/Bipolar diagnosis. The two often coexist and the symptoms you describe sound like both, although a thorough assessment of all of his behavior and his developmental history is necessary to accurately diagnose. I would google The Bipolar Child by Papalos and Papalos, an excellent resource for parents and clinicians (I went to one of their conferences and it was great)  and also the Juvenile Bipolar Research Foundation which does a ton of research on the matter. It also gives ressources for parents such as support groups. This would be a good starting place then of course follow up with professionals. Given his young age, I would seek out someone to do play therapy with him and then maybe also a therapist for the mom because I am sure she is exhausted. Hope this helps
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my child was first labeled ADHD later they were telling me he's Bi-Polar too.  I'm a labeled B-Polar.  Seem's like everything runs in the family if you have ay type of illness.  Anyway, one direction you could go into is checking out the foods they are eating.  Sounds so simple but, Red Dye and Yellow Dye #5 and #6 have been proven to over stimulate a child.  Check it out for yourself.  Restricting foods with the above mentioned has been proven to show major improvemets within a couple of days.  Cereals, Cheetos, Soda's, Candies etc.  tend to have these dyes in them.  We all know how available these snacks are for our kiddos.  No, I am not pointing any fingers at anyone - for I have been guilty of handing that stuff out too.  Look in your cabinet right now.  Read what is in the stuff that's there for the kiddos.  It's worth a try isn't it?  Better than drugging them up.  Good Luck.  Peace.
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I agree with dazed999 about certain foods that aggravate this condition. Processed sugar, preservatives, and food dyes all intensify the effects of bipolar disorder, ADHD and other mood disorders according to several natural health certified nutritionists. I believe it's true, because my granddaughter has been diagnosed with ADHD and when she eats something on the list, you can almost tell the moment these chemicals hit her blood stream. Artificial sweetners can also be a culprit. You know the kind they are putting in many children's medications and vitamins. We have tried to limit, if not eliminate these chemicals from her diet and the results speak for themselves. Grape Seed Extract, Pycnogenal and Fish Oil are three supplements that have really helped.

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