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agitated depression?

    i dont think i have bi-polar, but i think i have experienced agitated depression. my moods always seem to cycle really fast. for example two days ago i was severely depressed (lethargic/brain-dead) and couldnt get out of bed, i slept most of the day and night, but yesterday and today my mood is good, i wouldnt say manic, i dont do risky things or have shopping sprees. i just feel relaxed, happy and more creative.
    also i noticed i feel very irritable most days, some days it not as strong, other days it almost impossible, like a state of dysphoria. i have also experienced panic attacks in the past. i cant tolerate most loud noises. its like i am it a chronic state off irritability.  also i have a problem with interacting with people, i avoid it, i always feel awkwar. i am getting to the point where i prefer to be alone.  anybody have any idea what this might be? my psychiatrist isnt helping.
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That could be some form of mixed state which can often be a part of bipolar. Speak to your psychiatrist about this.
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I agree you should speak to your psychiatrist. I cycle very quicklky and my highs and lows are not as high and low as some other people, at least not at this time. However in the past I had some very sever lows but my highs were still not shopping sprees, gambling, etc. I was just very hyperactive, creative, and trying to be funny.

Also, I am very irritable all the time and aggitated. IT is like you say, "chronic irritability." I also have to deal with a lot of confusion and frustration because of that.
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agitated depression and dysphoric mania are natural habitat of a BP pt. From time to time one must pass through them like IL says they are part of the mixed states one has.

Don't worry it means you cycle but you tend to be going uphill . Once you stabilize or begin to come down i mean steadily not sporadically i.e. to land, i bet you will not have them. But it takes time to get rid of them.

My experience with mixed states is the following. When depressed i start a course of AD's after which I start to function and life shines back. After a while, a few weeks, I begin to have an euphoria with joy and energy (classical mania) then soon a dysphoric mania with rapid cycling in between with a lot of irritability, then I am on AP's and struggling to slide down and this i do always without cycling, and the vicious circle again and again.

You said you are not bipolar, only a psychiatrist can tell. what you describe is typically me and I have a bipolar disorder. So take another opinion if you don't find an answer with this pdoc
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thanks for the reply's. i will talk to my psychiatrist about it, but i am afraid of taking mood stabilizers.  
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Mood stabilizers are not so bad. I take lithium and drink a lot of water. The biggest side effect I have is a little trembling and needing to use the bathroom more due to more water and being very thirsty.

I think knowing if you are bipolar or not is better than not knowing.
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Sometimes even mood stabilizers don't work very well. I am up to 300mg of Lamatrogine, thinking the dose will go up soon on my next visit to the psychiatrist. That's why I'm afraid and haven't made an appointment so far. I also take Klonopin (1mg or 0.5 mg) to relax me and help me sleep at night.

Sometimes when it gets to be too much for me, i.e. major irritability or sky high suicidal thoughts, I take 50mg of Seroquel prescribed by my psychiatrist for those reasons. It doesn't matter who is around or what is happening around me during those moments, I don't want to be around anyone or be sociable with anyone either. I hate the fact that other people can be so normal and happy around me and that drives me even more nuts! Seroquel is my only escape because it puts me instantly to bed and at least I can sleep it off and the next day might be better. Stress can also trigger an episode of mixed states. I also get very sensitive to loud noise whenever i'm in one of these phases. just remember, you have a whole community out here to help you!

Good luck.
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In my experience, agitated depression = a mixed state. You also say that you cycle, shopping sprees, etc. Sounds familiar.

I diagnosis...label if you don't want one right now...is secondary. What counts in the practical world is the behavior today and the outcome tomorrow. Deal with that with a doctor.
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i was just recently diognosed with agitated depression feeling all of the above.I am afraid to get my prescription filled,i don't want to have to be on them the rest of my life,go for a follow up for 2 weeks,i have all these questions for my doc about natural remedies instead,was wondering if anyone else has tried natural remedies,and did it work?
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You don't have to be on meds for the rest of your life.  My first episode of depression I felt the same way about not wanting to be on meds for life, and I ended up being completely miserable for a long time until I finally gave in and got medicated, and while the side effects were annoying, they were waaaaaay better than where I had been.  I took myself off them a year later because I was feeling better and didn't feel like going to another country with psych meds for a semester (it was prozac, which has a really long half life and is thus easy to taper, but you really shouldn't do what I did without talking to a doctor).  Anyway, I got really bad again this fall, got changed from major depressive to bipolar 2, and started wellbutrin and lamictal, and my life is so much better than it was 2 months ago, despite my talent for weird side effects.  TL;DR, meds can vastly improve your quality of life, and you don't have to stay on them forever.  Also, short of a court order or involuntary confinement, no one can make you take meds if you don't want to.

As far as natural remedies, things like keeping a regular schedule, eating a healthy diet, getting enough sunlight (wear sunscreen), and getting enough exercise are recommended and can help.  For mild cases, these may be enough, but you're probably past that.  There are a few things, like fish oil, that have shown some effectiveness in some trials, but remember that nothing that works has no side effects.  Herbal remedies are not well regulated in the US, and can be contaminated, contain something completely different, or contain heavy metals, and may interact with regular medications.  Herbal preparations in general are difficult because you can't regulate the active compound content of a plant (i.e. you don't know what exact dose you're getting because plants aren't standardized).  Your doctor should check for vitamin deficiencies (I found out I was vitamin D deficient) and for thyroid problems, but you can poison yourself by taking mega supplements of vitamins, so you should wait for the bloodwork before trying those willy-nilly.

What's the prescription for?  Remember you can fill it and wait to take it, but it's nice to have it on hand if you DO decide to take it.  See if you're doctor will respond to an email or phone call about your questions so you don't have to wait 2 weeks.
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I have Bipolar and I am on meds, so please don't think I am anti-meds. In my yrs of going thru this process, in my experience, too may doctors are so quick to give you a pill without looking at the whole picture. You do need to be your own advocate and researcher to help the dr, otherwise something vital can be missed. We expect them to know everything and they don't in my experience. I was given pills long before I even knew to check for certain things. Having your Thyroid checked is very important as many of these sx are covered here. Another thing, have bloodwork done ie, Vit B, all the B vit, Vit D, glutamate, l-mythlfolate (a breakdown of folic acid that we need), my dr just gave me an rx for this (Deplin). These can all effect your moods and behaviors. I am still learning so there may be others. The point is this is very important. If your deficient in some of these or all, if your Thyroid is having a problem, they or it can effect your moods and behaviors. Whatever our dx, the whole picture needs to be looked at because there could be an underlying condition causing some or all of our symptoms.  In many cases, if we don't request these things to be done, they won't, which was my case. I am finally advocating for myself to get better, researching, learning, bringing info and requests to my dr and basically looking to get stable because in my case drugs aren't enough. I have tried many drugs with and without other drugs. I am still waiting  for some of my bloodwork but so far I am very low in my B vit and vit D. My Thyroid has been off for 6yrs so I take med for that and we can't even fix it, still trying. Most importantly, be an advocate for yourselves. Quick fixes are rare. Be informed so you can get better. It's not just about a pill. Hope this helps. Crystal
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