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bipolar,add,or just anxiety?

Now I know this is a question I should ask my therapist I have seen a couple therapists and the only diagnosis I've gotten is mood disorder nos. I've thought I've always had add but am not going to dianose myself. I'm not asking for a diagnosis from you guys just an opinion and maybe if you've expeirenced some of the same symptoms.I've been a nervous wreck lately because monday I saw my therapist and I could not look in her in the eye or pay attention , or I would space out and just talk without really being aware of what I was saying because I couldn't pay attention. I felt like a weirdo because my head was hurting so bad that day , and that is why I couldn't really look at her or focous well , I think. Yesterday I had racing thoughts and was very anxious and hyper , just felt like I needed to be doing something , or like I could just go out and do whatever I wanted , I noticed that when I was talking to my boyfriend I didn't want to stop talking it felt good to just talk and talk and talk , I felt full of energy.I have had very suicidal thoughts in the past , but not for a very long time. I am on 75mg of lamictal and 20mg of prozac. My mom has bipolar , I have thought I may also have it but am not sure, because if I am why isn't the lamictal helping slow me down? I could have signs of add , like hard time concentrating and sitting still but that could be a million things . This is weird because I used to have all depressive symptoms , now I feel opposite , maybe starting to surface? Idk help?
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It sounds like to me you could be bipolar. It is hereditary and some of the symptoms you describe sounds like what I went through when I was manic. I was diagnosed  with major depressive disorder for years until I got hospitalized then they changed my diagnosis to mood disorder nos and finally to bipolar. I think they diagnose mood disorder nos when they don't know where to put you yet. They probably want to observe your symptoms more before they make a final decision.
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