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My bf is bipolar, thankfully since we found out im pregnant he has been good about taking his meds. I was looking up the chances that my son will inherit the disorder like my bf did. I read that there was a 10-50% chance my son will inherit bipolar disorder.  Is anyone else having a baby with someone who has bipolar disorder and know how common it is to be inherited?
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My dad was bipolar. And out of 3 kids only my brother ended up with it.
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My bf's dad is bipolar and he is the only one of 3 who have it. The thing that i think is strange is everyone I know who is bipolar is the oldest. Does that hold true for your family?
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Im bipolar, im hoping my son doesnt inherit it..
But i'd rather him be bipolar than have his dads agression..
Im also the oldest of 3 kids.
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My brother is the middle child.
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Thank you ladies. I do appreciate it.
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